Rad Mx5’s @ RTR

Road Track Rally has quickly established a loyal following and an excellent reputation. We decided to drop in and check out some of the Mazda’s MX5’s which made use of the RTR dyno.

At Driven we love the NA Mx5. The purest of the breed. So much so that we decided to release our Mint DNA tee as part of our Winter Retro Collection. (was that smooth enough?)

The awesome RTR race car recently layed down a super impressive sub 1.32 lap at Winton last weekend.

The Kosei wheels on this NB were a great choice. The lightweight rims combined with a healthy drop suit the little Mazda perfectly.

This NC with classic BBS wheels caught our eye. A nice combo indeed. Lucky P plater.

I’m looking forward to checking back at RTR for their VW dyno day in a  couple of weeks.

Pop Up Lights RockRTRStraight through exhaustRacing HoistRacing StableNC BBS
BBSLow MiataKosei WheelsWell UsedRad MazdaRad Mazda 2
BBS Wheeled NC

RTR- 26/5/2012, a set on Flickr.

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