Historic Winton 2012 Part Two

Despite a few spins, the racing this year at Winton was relatively trouble-free. No one could even complain about the weather.

The sound of some of these old cars is electric.

This 3.8 litre Jaguar powered Lister Knobbly replica looked beautiful on the track. Street registered too.

The well-campaigned Ford Roadster of Ray Sprague always cuts a quick lap at Winton in the Group K, over 1500cc class.

It is great to see the variety of cars out hitting it on the track. The little BMW 2002 was holding its own out with bigger capacity cars in Group NC.

After being trackside for most of the day, we decided to head into the pits to take a closer look at some of the fine machinery.

Such as this beautifully executed Datsun 260Z, competing in group Sc.

This ’73 MGBGT V8- was also very rapid out on the track. I love seeing side windows covered in scrutineering stickers.

The attention to detail on these cars is second to none.

This is the engine of the Milano GT2, pictured in action in part one.

A beautifully finished Riley special engine. Love the placement of the Union Jack on the drilled out chassis.

We hope you have enjoyed Driven Threads coverage of Historic Winton 2012, we hope to bring you more motorsport pictures and content in the coming months. Please share our blog via Facebook if you enjoyed our coverage.

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