Victorian SuperSprint Championship Episode 3

It was a late 10:00 am start at the third round of the Victorian SuperSprint Championship at Sandown. With the weather looking ominous most drivers were wanting to put a quick dry lap on the board, before the rain set in.

As usual at events like this, there was a range of old.

And new.

This GT3 put down a 1:21 around Sandown.

Pink Stig was there.

Evo’s were a plenty, making use of their AWD.

This NA MX5 looked all business.

This blacked-out NB also looked very nimble on track.

At around 11, the rain set it. and the track conditions worsened as the day went on. With the slippery conditions there were constant delays throughout the day with a number of offs around the back of the circuit.

Most drivers took it easy and spent the rest of the day driving according to the conditions.

But, for us the old school Japanese cars stole the show.

We were particularly taken with this Mazda Capella.

Loving the sign.

This well-campaigned and cambered Datsun 1600 also looked pretty rapid in the dismal conditions. The aero-catch bonnet pins neatly camouflaged.

This Datsun was beautifully finished with extensive aero-modifications.

Aaron Stevenson’s Datsun 120Y.

The mighty R32 GTR in its natural habitat.

Great to see an R35 giving it everything around the track.

It’s where they belong.

Around lunchtime, this lucky fella turned up. Shame he didn’t feel like giving it a go on the track.

One of the great cars you don’t see enough at race meetings is the Escort.

Among many Holdens present, these two Gemini’s caught our attention. This yellow one had a suspicious whistle under acceleration. Wonder what that might be?

This MR2 could turn up to any JDM meet with that stance. It later had an off.

Greg Kaan again was there in his Polo TDI putting down a 1:40. Not bad in the conditions! (He had a few interesting moments too!)

This Astra driven by Rory Hollingsworth put down a sub 1:33 before track conditions deteriorated. Sounded very tough too.

But the best sounding machine by far was this left hand drive Camaro.

This R31 cut some quick laps around the circuit.

Despite the conditions and delays, most drivers were able to put down good times for the third round of the championship. Driven Threads will also be covering the final round of the VSCC at Winton on the 1st September.

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  1. Where is more of the pink stig 😛


  2. Lovely! Great photos but you forgot a frontal shot of Happy Car! Happy Car is Happy! 😉


  3. “Victorian SuperSprint Championship Episode 3 |” was
    extremely engaging and useful! In the present day world that’s really hard to execute.
    Thank you, Mariana


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