Tampered Motorsport Queens Birthday Trackday

Perfect weather conditions. A great turn out of cars. One of Australia’s best tracks. Plus…a public holiday. I couldn’t think of a better day?

A range of old, JDM, Euro and random machines were present.

This Cressida really stole the show. Drifting all over the place. Its accleration and noise out of corners was extreme…

as were its off-track excursions.

This Cressida had wheel fitment and presence.

The Tampered Trackdays cater for a range of daily drivers to all-out race cars ready for time attack. Track hacks to professionals.

The most extreme car was this radical RX7 with comprehensive aero mods. Putting down a 1.35.08 it certainly was moving.

Not a bad track toy.

A little different, although also very well prepped, was this RX7, packed with a sneaky snail. Old school styling FTW.

With a slighter smaller rear wing than the RX7 was this S2000. Rapid and exciting to watch. (A few hairy moments!)

Tampered Motorsport run a pretty relaxed and casual day. A day like this is not about your times…its about chilling with mates and soaking up the atmosphere.

That’s not to say, there were no exciting moments.

This cute Micra was taking great lines. Nice and smooth clocking a sub 1:53.

Oh what a feeling…when you’re a passenger.

Greg Kaan was there again in his Polo taking great lines at turn one, proving that diesels can play with petrols too.

Another VW out for some fun was the beautifully presented Polo GTI of Troy Hagan. This car is show car material, but no show pony. Its great that Troy brings in out on the track.

This Pug was consistent and quick.

As was this Renault.

Such a perfect handler.

This Civic was understated and looked the part.

This Silvia was doing crazy times and certainly turned a few heads with that livery.

As usual, it was the Skylines that were there in force. Tough is an understatement…

This beast was raw and loud. Very loud. The Import Monster R32 clocked a 131.2.

This was my pick.

Evo’s were also out to play.

This flaming (literally) Red Evo was a 2.3 stoker with a dirty big turbo. Would make a quick way to pick up some milk.

After a tough hard days work it was time to pack up and return to the big smoke.

We can’t wait for the next one.

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