VW Dyno Day @ RTR

Before the 9am start of the VW Dyno Day, the car park at RTR was rapidly filling with late model VW’s.

Such is the popularity of these cars on the road today.

There were over 30 VW’s booked in to run on the rollers.

The RTR crew ensured the day ran smoothly, with a relaxed yet professional vibe. RTR’s clean and well organised workshop ensuring it’s an ideal place for a forum dyno day.

Sub 180kw. Not bad.

Golf R’s were the car of the day, many ranging in specs and mods, making comparisons on the dyno interesting.

As with any Dyno Day, some people were happy with the numbers and others were not. At the end of the day, who cares how much power your car has…as long as you enjoy it!

Roof racks are a dyno necessity.

Strong numbers.

Track Spec FTW. Troy Hagan’s Polo GTI.

This is Troy’s engine. Pretty stock huh?

The good old R32 growl will never get old.

At a VW Dyno Day, this 135 pulled the highest numbers. (I would love one of these)

Keeping with the Euro theme, a couple of Mini’s had a go too.

S3 coming for a gander.

Adam’s GTI is a real stand-out with hot Merc Alphards.

Event organiser Fab’s R with newly fitted VMR wheels. Yum!

Skoda’s are part of the family too. Dave and Todd’s Skoda’s arguably the best in Australia.

LM Goodness.

This R was looking tough in the carpark. Perfect Fitment.


A few MK4 Golfs were present out on the street. This shape will never look old.

A number of RTR’s stable of cars were present in the workshop.

Love the intake on the track-prepped Evo.

The Yellow MX5 is being sorted as a track car. It looked like a featherweight.

Some of RTR’s customer cars along the back wall.

I love the plates.

This MR2 looked nice.

Cherry red OZ wheels on candy white. A winning combination.

We hope you have enjoyed this coverage of the VW Dyno Day @ RTR. If you did, please share or like this post on facebook. (We need all the help we can get!)

Last, but not least. One of Driven Thread’s loyal customers rocking the ‘Must Have’ car sticker of 2012. And yes…its adds 10kw! 😛



Road Track Rally

VW Golf Forum

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