Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships 2012 – Round 2 Highlights

After a sleep in Sunday morning- I woke to the sound of some distant car noises. That’s right racing at Sandown. How could I forget! With a busy day ahead, I luckily made it down to Sandown to take a few quick pics in the dying light before the action finished.

Sandown played host to the second round of the Victorian State Circuit Racing Champions last weekend. A range of categories from Formula Fords, Sports Cars, MG, Improved Production and the HQ Holden Nationals took part.

Like the trucks, this events gets bigger and bigger. (Wonder whats inside?)

The MGs & Invited British Sports Cars were entertaining.

With a nice mix of retro cars.

The variety in Improved Production waiting in the dummy grid.

Tough XR4. Nice to see something different out on the circuit.

E30’s never look old. Did we mention we have our own E30 Tee available? Inspired by the JPS E30’s of the ATCC. Subtle enough?

There were a heaps of E30’s competing in this class.

Quattro FTW!

The sound of this rotary is enough to scare small children.

The Sports Sedan category was a mixed bag.

Loving this RX7.

This Alfa GTV certainly looked mean on the track.

There was a huge HQ Holden category.

With bumper to bumper and three to track racing.

Unfortunately with a few incidents, many laps were under yellow.

The race was finally aborted.

The winner being John Wood under red flag.

But for me, seeing these supercars in the flesh was a highlight.

Millions of dollars in this grid.

This means business. Tony DeFelice’s 458 GT3. Jaw Dropping.

Did I say jaw dropping! The 458 finished with the fastest lap time of 1:13.0530. Not bad. 

You don’t see too many Boxters wearing semi-slicks.

This Daytona Coupe sounded intense when it fired up.

With no expense spared.

The presence of the Z06.

The Gallardo driven by Justin McMillan. 

Porsche Goodness.

This is what you call a rear wing.

Porsche 996 Cup Car driven by Brian Power. Sub 1.20’s.

Nice 944.

Simply awesome. Unfortunately the Stahl Cobra was a DNF after Race 2.

Out in the carpark, there were a few interesting spottings.

Loved this tough Torana SLR.


Old school Mazda.

We hope you have enjoyed Driven Threads’ coverage of the Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships. We hope to bring you pictures and details of Rounds 3 and 4 in the coming months. Please like us on Facebook and share this article.


Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships

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  1. My SLR5000 came up a treat even know it was overcast would have been even better if i could have done a few laps


  2. great set of shots..


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