Fresh Toyotas at Winterfest!

Yesterday, the Caribbean Gardens showcased a range of Toyota’s from old skool, JDM spec to the lastest ‘next biggest thing’ the 86.

It was a smorgasboard of twin-cammed JDM goodness.

Great to see an iconic AE86 Trueno.

Old skool Toyota’s seem to be gaining in popularity. Their reliability, affordability and their “retro-cool” factor, just some of the  reasons why more and more younger people are snapping them up.

They are just so cool. Could this be a new-take on the ‘shaggin-wagon’?

“Too old to be cool…too new to be retro.” Love it!

Third Gen winning.

The coolest MR2 in the state?

I think so. Aided by a healthy drop and nice five spokes.

The perfect 1970’s colour-combo.

Only driven to church on Sundays.

White-walls are mandatory to successfully pull off Grandpa-spec!

Isn’t it funny that say 10 years ago, no one would look twice at these cars. Now..they are hot!

What a cool looking cruiser. Crown equipped with Moon Eyes.

There were surprises around.

KE perfection.

The LT Celica (The best?) has some personal memories. I recall my uncle around 20 years ago had one. It was white with not a single straight panel on it. Rust. Bog. Smashed. Although terribly neglected it was ever so reliable. I think everyone has a Toyota story.


Oh what a feeling! Remember those chicken ads.

2000 GT- “Mustang” turned a few heads.

This A60 was the best I’ve seen. Mint. Wonderful to see such a well-looked after example.

This uber-rare 1965 Sports 800 series really stole the show when it arrived. “What the?” was the reaction of many.

The Sports 800 was Toyota’s first attempt at a production sports car. Between 1965 and 1969 approximately 3,131 units were built. Only about 10% of those  are known to have survived, most being in Japan.

A new 86 would eat this little 800 for breakfast.

Elegant simplicity in the interior.

The brand-spanker gained a lot of attention. Passers by stopped and starred. A suited Toyota salesman could have been there outlining its features to the interested public.

A negative for me was the stock wheels. Hopefully this owner upgrades.

On to the positives. The interior is a huge plus. I could see myself driving one of these as a daily.



I only spotted one Supra. A pretty worked example.

Jap luxo-barge. A rare Crown S100.

On the topic of Luxury, Lexus’ were welcome too.

Congrats to the Toyota Club of Victoria for putting on a ripper show at an ideal location. I’m sure they would be overwhelmed with the turn-out and interest these cars generated.

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Toyota Car Club Victoria



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  1. Great write up… thanks for your support.

    Andrew Chambers
    Events co-ordinator


  2. great set of shots – Thanks for posting.



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