EXE Dyno Day at RTR

With some very welcome winter sunshine we are back at RTR for the EXE Dyno Day. We were only there a short time, but managed to take a few quick pictures to share.

A couple of track spec Mx5’s.

R32 GTR- Nice!

R33 Skyline wheels on this Silvia.

This 350Z meant the business. Loved the Rays te37sl.

Black and bright pink. A perfect combination.

This Subi was my pick of the day.

It looked pretty tough with those chunky Rota Grids.

Tough Rx7 patiently waiting for its run on the dyno.

BBS LM’s. Yum!

Unfortunately, we were only there long enough to see one dyno run. A pretty epic Supra! Read the screen yourself! POWER!

Great to see this Micra again. So much character!

We previously took some pictures of it at the Queens Birthday trackday at Winton.

As we were about to leave this Elise turned up to spectate.

Well that’s it from us at the EXE Dyno Day at RTR. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage. Please like or share this article on Facebook! Next week we will be bringing you coverage of the Rob Roy Hillclimb.



EXE Crew 


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