Alfa Romeo Sandown Sprints

Last Sunday the Alfa Romeo club hosted a sprint round at Sandown.

This GTV is the cleanest I’ve seen, prominently positioned behind the pit garages.

Alfa’s ooze character.

This particular GTV suffered some engine failure on the straight, later on in the day.

We previously saw this Clio parked up at Rob Roy. Nice to see it out on the track having some fun.

Nice to see an R32 Golf out too! Sounded tough.

One of the best hot hatches?

There was a menagerie of MX5s, batttling it out for the quickest time.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see this R35 on the track. Apparently it wasn’t slow.

Honda gang.

A very clean Alfetta.

Just a couple of understated cars in the carpark.

For results and times of the day check out the Natsoft website.

We hope you have enjoyed our pictures from the Alfa Romeo Sprints at Sandown Raceway. Please like us on facebook or share this article if you did.

We look forward to bringing you more Melbourne motorsport action soon.


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