A little bit of muscle

While our roots will always stay fairly grounded in motorsport, here at Driven Threads we appreciate all forms of motoring and car culture. When it comes to cars, we don’t hate. Advertised as a Father’s Day Hot Rod show, we saddled along to a quiet court in East Bentleigh expecting a fairly small turn out. We were pleasantly surprised to see some quality Aussie and American Muscle cars and epic Hot Rods.

The old cliché “They don’t make them like they used to” has never been more apparent. Cars on the road today just do not have the style and class they once did.

There was definitely an American flavour to the cars on display. I was pretty stoked to see one of my childhood dream cars. (I’m sure I’m not alone here) I recall having a blue and red toy Dodge Charger. Its funny how those memories come flooding back when you see amazing cars like this in the flesh.

When it comes to paintwork, fit and finish, attention to detail and general presentation- I don’t think any automotive sub-culture comes close to hot rods.

The magenta paintwork on this EH ute was show car quality.

The perfect Sunday cruiser Cadillac.

I loved this simple and authentic looking A model.

Which Ford would you prefer? Its orange for me! You just can’t beat a good ’32.

You wouldn’t loose this in today’s bland car parks full of grey, grey and grey.

This is presence.

With sunny Melbourne weather, the show had a relaxing vibe.

Convertibles went topless…

…and Mustangs were a plenty.

It’s all in the details.

Its true, isn’t it. They just don’t make them like they used too.

For more pictures from this event see here: http://www.arcmkn.com.au/

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We can’t wait to bring you more Motoring coverage in coming weeks. Watch this space.


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