Hardtuned University

5pm Sunday night. Sunlight fades. The sleepy University in the heart of south east suburbia is awoken by the sounds of engine noise and chatter.

Well publicized on bookface there was a feeling this event was going to be big.

The empty and silent ground floor of the carpark rapidly fills, transforming within minutes.

The congregation had begun.

Everyone and everything was welcome.

From old.

To new.

This is a scene, where if it is not boring and stock it is appreciated.

Where the people and personalities are just as colourful as the cars.

A scene where being an individual is celebrated.

Where if your car consists of different coloured panels, no one cares.

Where creativity is key.

Where you can get together with like-minded people

Where you can express yourself…

and do what you want.

Where you don’t need deep pockets…

…to add your own personal touches…

to create the car you always wanted.

Where everything is cool…

when its just that little bit unique and its your own.

Not just bought.

Not just treated like a toy.

But totally cherished.

When you can always tell that the owner loves it.

Because they own it…

they enjoy it…

they drive it…

and they love it…

just the way it is.

This is our lifestyle.

Welcome to Hardtuned University.

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