JDM Meet at OTR

A sleepy and rainy Saturday Morning. A small gathering of JDM cars met at OTR Motorsports in Clayton for a low-key morning meet. OTR stock an impressive array of JDM wheel goodness.

The Rx7 and race-spec Evo out the front looked the part.

This OTR Evo 10 looks completely track-ready.

We’ve seen this before! This blue Fiat is certainly photogenic.

Its often said that “Wheels can make or break a car.”

Cressida’s are becoming more and more popular in the stance scene.

I love the old school boxy shapes of these cars. It will never date.

No JDM gathering is complete without some Honda representation.

This spearmint coloured Silvia looked great against the stormy grey clouds.

I’m a big fan of these imported V35 Skyline GT’s. Often forgotten in the mod scene, the red concave wheels of this car look great against the pearl white.

I’ve seen this white Civic driving around the Eastern suburbs a few times. No doubt a daily driver.

Well that’s it from us.

Stay tuned to Driven Threads for more coverage in the coming weeks.

We will be covering Motorclassica tomorrow as well as Big Bad Sandown. Don’t forget to say G’day at our Stall in the pit area at Big Bad Historic Sandown on the 10th and 11th of November. We are pumped!



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