Motorclassica- Epic Elegance

In its third year, Motorclassica has established itself on the Australian Auto calendar as the year’s most important event for classic, vintage and veteran enthusiasts.   The Royal Exhibition Building provides a brilliant backdrop for these priceless vehicles.

You name a car or marque of significance…it was there at Motorclassica.

Motorclassica is the kind of event that overwhelms you at first.

There are so many amazing cars.

Each with their own unique story to tell.

This 1937 Rolls Royce V12 Sedanca Coupe was the epitome of elegance.

It was the Ferrari’s that first took hold of my attention.

This 1958 250 GT Pininfarina Coupe was stunning.

One of our favourite cars from Motorclassica was this beautiful 1951 Ferrari 195 Chia Aigle Coupe. This particular car was presented at 1952 Geneva Motor show. It is one of only 24 195 series cars produced.

My childhood dreams came true. Yes, its a real Daytona. Simply awe-inspiring!

The Penrite girls were on duty for most of the day.

The Guest of honour at this year’s Motorclassica was Australian legend Sir Jack Brabham. With three world championships he remains (and probably will always remain) the only man to win a Formula 1 World Championship at the wheel of a car of his own design and making.

The display of the Brabham cars was wonderfully executed and interesting. Props to Sir Jack for spending a lot of time signing autographs for the crowd and telling wonderful racing stories.

All of the Brabham cars have been meticulously restored and maintained.

This Torana concept car was of interest to many.

Celebrating 60 years, there were many unique Lotus cars on display.

The thing I love about Lotus, is their simplicity. A trend that continues today.

This Muira with striking and unique paintwork was certainly attention seeking.

Just gorgeous.

Jaguar was a marque that was well featured.

Such graceful lines on the C Type.

This rare 1959 3500GT Maserati Coupe looked glorious. It’s these type of cars that will be around forever.

I also loved the timeless character of this Lancia.

This as-found Gullwing was fascinating. Amazing to see a car like this in original condition.

In 1912, the Automobile Club of Victoria hosted the very first public Motor Show at the Royal Exhibition Building.  One hundred years later many of those exact, same cars are again on display in the same location at Motorclassica.

Ofcourse, no Motorclassica is complete without some Aston Marting goodness. *Insert 007 Pun here*

This 1936 Delage is purely and simply automotive art.

This 1959 Corvette looked like it had just rolled off the factory floor.

This shimmering Bentley Continental was awarded Best of Show. Its not hard to see why.

Prominently positioned was this Rolls Royce engined 1974 Project 500 Jet Car. It was an unsuccessful attempt at the Australian Land speed Record.

The variety of cars featured seems to increase every year. I’m sure next year will see an even greater range of desirable classics.

I would happily settle for a DB5 or DB6. Fingers crossed I win Lotto one day.

This is an AUSCA open sports of 1955. Fitted with a Holden engine in a twin-tubed chassis it was a successful hill climber and circuit racer in the late fifties.

We hope you have enjoyed Driven Threads coverage of Motorclassica! This entry is really only a snapshot of this amazing event- there are so many more worthy cars but unfortunately we don’t have the space to feature them.

It’s no surprise that Motorclassica will be back next year…I’m sure with a bigger and better show. Please stay tuned to Driven Threads…soon we will bring you coverage of the Picnic with the Classics at Motorclassica and Big Bad Sandown.

Don’t forget Driven Threads will be holding its first stall at Big Bad Sandown this Saturday and Sunday. Please drop by for some epic racing and say g’day.


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