Picnic with the Classics at Motorclassica

Motorclassica wasn’t just a classic car show inside the Royal Exhibition Building. Outside of the building the Picnic with the Classics featured more than 200 classic, vintage and veteran cars from some of Victoria’s top car clubs. Marques such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Porsche, Cobra, Jensen, Jaguar, Daimler, MG, Morris, Ford and more were all represented.

After the range of Veteran, Vintage and classic cars, entering Picnic with the Classics was a bit like entering 2012 again.

Double trouble.

Just like inside the building, the Ferrari Marque was in abundance. So much red!

I don’t know, but to me Ferrari’s don’t need racing stripes. They look fast enough!

This Diablo really stole the show. Its always amazing to get so close to a car that you have dreamt about.

Such presence. The creme of the crop?

The display of Porsches was one of the best. Rows and rows of the breed.

All were cherished and well prepared by their enthusiastic and passionate owners.

I’ve seen this Porsche a couple of times at Racing meets. It’s always great to see a road going track hack. At Driven Threads we believe a car driven on the track has a unique character and soul.

Simplicity is the key. Porsche’s don’t need to be tampered with.

The Gold Fuchs worked beautifully well with the British Racing Green on this 911.

Like Motorclassica inside, there was so much to see at the Picnic with the Classics.

This magnificent Dino was parked at the front of the Exhibition building. Sublime.

It was parked next to its gorgeous sister.

A very rare car was this Dodge Charger. You can definitely see some iconic lines of the Valiant Charger in it.

I loved its awesome retro mission brown interior.

As I was leaving the event, I spotted this Corniche elegantly parked against the Building. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity.

When leaving the grounds, The distinct sound approached then passed. The unmistakable crisp bark of a Aston Martin DB5. Bring on Motorclassica 2013!

Well that’s it from us. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of Picnic with the Classics.

Stay tuned to Driven Threads. Also please drop in and say g’day at our first stall at Big Bad Historic Sandown at Sandown Raceway this Saturday and Sunday. We can’t wait!



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