Autoeuphoria Dyno Day

As a lead-up event to their main event next week, Autoeurophia today hosted a Dyno Day at Dandenong. Driven Threads spotted a few clean rides and captured a few pictures.


The Commodore crew were out in force. There were heaps parked on the street.



Everyone is like a magnet to a yellow car.


A few of the heavily modified vehicles hard parked on the street.


The number plates says it all. We agree. Old school FTW.


The crowd congregated around the dyno workshop. It was actually quite difficult to get a view inside.


This thing was a stand out. Awesome.


The Shelby GT500 is powered by a 5.4 litre supercharged V8- capable of producing (yep, you guessed it!)  500hp. (373kw)


As we were leaving the day, we spotted this classic GTR Torana. Out of all the Aussie muscle cars of the seventies- the Torana would be one of my favourites. Throw on some semi-slicks and this one looks modified enough and ready for group NC racing.


Well that’s it from us. Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned to Driven Threads for more coverage in the near future.


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