Time for Attack

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We live for Motorsport. Any excuse for some track action and we are there.

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And with Vic Time Attack staging its first event at Winton, it was good reason to jump on the Hume on the hunt for some all-out track machines.

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A small field of entrants were entered for this event. I’m not sure why. Being Easter Sunday, unfortunately the numbers of spectators was low as well. One thing though was that the quality of cars participating was second to none.

This Honda DC2 Type R was definitely the wildest and craziest of all. Keep scrolling, there is more on this beast further down.

 photo hondamain_zpsdf165d0a.jpg

The smell of race fuel. Meaty rubber. Massive exhausts. Big wings. Aero. This is Time Attack.

 photo rx7b-1_zps3bc6cc38.jpg

 photo nissan1_zps7b0d98f4.jpg

This Tampered Motorsport/Auto Parts Mazda 626, driven by David Darwin, is an intimidating and angry looking beast.

 photo mazda2_zps956e00f4.jpg

The 626 is powered by a 383ci Chevy V8 engine and boosted by a pair of Garrett GT3582R turbochargers. Good for around 600 horsepower at the wheels. It sounds pretty angry too.

 photo mazda_zps141791d6.jpg

The fly past was a welcome sight.

 photo plane_zpseabac8e4.jpg

 photo plane2_zps3e1d8500.jpg

The clean and crisp lines of the R32 GTR never get old. This is exactly how we would have one.

 photo r32_zpsccde5e1a.jpg

 photo rtr_zpsf85a4a94.jpg

The RTR Evo X was in fine form, driven by Darrin Morice. It managed second in the Street Attack shootout with an impressive 1:32.7410 just shy of its best time of 1:32.47.

 photo rtr3_zps5af8201e.jpg

The unique graphics of this car make it look rapid standing still.

 photo rtr2_zps688051a7.jpg

Like most track-days, Evos were the most popular weapons of choice.

 photo evo1_zps8a71a0a1.jpg

 photo evo2_zps611e8e29.jpg

This OTR Motorsport/Exe-Crew managed a 1:33.

 photo evo4_zps886d3988.jpg

Just above this X, driven by Adam Wade.

 photo evo5_zps74495ec2.jpg

The IS Racing Evo 8 looked great out on the track. With added aero from last year’s WTAC, the Evo’s times hovered around the 1:36 mark.

 photo evo3_zpsf94ffc2a.jpg

 photo drifter-1_zpsa468e0a7.jpg

Ben Arnold’s RB28 powered R33 GTR did a best of 1:31.4710.

 photo nissan5_zps401b41e3.jpg

The R33 GTST of John Richardson also performed admirably.

 photo nissan3_zps28f0f665.jpg

This was the fastest car in the Street Attack shootout with a 1:32.6780.

 photo nissan4_zps59120925.jpg

 photo nissan6_zps4c09e876.jpg

It seemed to drift through the tight turns of Winton effortlessly.

 photo nissan7_zps1ccd8342.jpg

One of the stand out machines was this bonkers Datsun 260Z. This car is well-known in the race car community but always demands attention.

 photo datsun-1_zpsb8b2f46a.jpg

This wide-bodied purple-people eater packed a mean punch in the Open class with a shootout time of 1:30.5950.

 photo datsun2_zps2610a9bb.jpg

Driven by Kevin Mackrell the 260Z is named ‘Viagra’, can you guess why?

 photo datsun5_zps6389528a.jpg

The 260Z, sports a big block V8 and all-wheel drive system out of a Nissan Patrol. With phenomenal acceleration on the straights, its a serious piece of kit and an amazing display of engineering workmanship.

 photo datsun4_zps00d58d86.jpg

The Topstage Composites RX7 driven by Jason Dorrington is always impressive on track.

 photo rx7e_zps9f936a8b.jpg

Its massive intercooler and pipework dominates the engine bay.

 photo rx7a_zpsd01b0bd1.jpg

Entered in the open class, Glen Latter’s well-campaigned Mazda Rx7 tightly hugging the apex. With its bright orange wheels and black bodywork- this car looks menacing on the track.

 photo rx7c_zpse10c7547.jpg

Despite being a 20 year old shape the FD Rx7 is still an awesome looking car.

 photo rx7d_zps9bab0da4.jpg

An exciting conclusion to the day was provided by the BYP Honda DC2 Type R.

 photo honda4_zps7cb0d3ae.jpg

This thing eats corners for breakfast with an electrifying speed. Brandon Lockwood’s DC2R is powered by a K20/K24 BYP engine mated with a Rotrex Supercharger.

 photo honda1_zpsa205e943.jpg

 photo quick_zps3dce3661.jpg

The carbon bonnet reflected in the light. From opposite ends of the track you could hear this machine screaming as it approached. It looked so planted, no doubt aided by its Wavetrac LSD and wide, meaty tyres.

 photo honda3_zps707ed975.jpg

It beat everything else on the day by a staggering four seconds.

 photo honda2_zps87d01558.jpg

The time you ask. In the hands of Benny Tran, a blistering quick 1:26.5680. Red cars just go faster, don’t they!

From little things big things grow. Heres hoping for a larger turn out and more spectators at the next Vic Time Attack. Events like this don’t happen unless people are willing to support them. We would like to thank the organisers and sponsors of this event and we would also congratulate those who participated. Some of whom travelled long distances.

We would also like to thank you for reading our coverage. For full race times visit: Natsoft.

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Winton…we’ll be back.

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