100mm in focus

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Things keep getting better.

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It’s a great attitude to have. This was proved by the 100 MM Certified. A new benchmark in car events has been set.

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100 MM certified has been highly publicised from late last year. Much hype, anticipation and speculation has surrounded this event and expectations were set high right from the start. To state that this event was a success, is an understatement. We make no apologies in doing our bit to cover this event. But, there is no doubt; you will probably find this event covered on all automotive blogs Australia-wide. It’s a jungle out there.

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The organisers secured the amazing location of Biarrung Marr in the heart of Melbourne. This provided the perfect backdrop for the killer rides and the amazing machinery on display.

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Driven Threads arrived at the show as early as we humanly could, with the aim of getting some clear shots, before the inevitable crowds and flurry of macros, wide-angles and tripods. Not to mention, the people that always seem to get in the way just when you are about to shoot a photo. There always seems to be one! This proved somewhat unsuccessful. But, alas, we tried our best.

 photo rear_zps437e6231.jpg

With pre-registration and selection criteria for entries, this event catered for the ‘elite’ in the Melbourne modifying and tuning scene. There were no knock-offs and cheap repros allowed here, just quality, commitment and passion. The result of  a heck of a lot of elbow grease. You get the idea.

 photo honda2_zpscb5e1658.jpg

Troy Hagan’s immaculate Polo GTI is one of the entries that turns heads for all the right reasons. Highly polished ‘blinding’ engine bay, custom roll cage add BBS LM wheels and you have a mean package.

 photo polo_zpsca1e5107.jpg

With live music and a line of trendy food trucks, 100 MM had a real ‘festival vibe’; indeed it was true celebration of Melbourne culture and modern motoring.

 photo honda-1_zps16f9514b.jpg

I have a respect for owners of cars that meticulously detail every surface, every facet and ensure every detail is utterly perfect. I sometimes wish I was methodically obsessed with detailing, but I’m just not. I might be lazy, but personally I just prefer to drive cars than clean them. But one thing is for sure, I’m always awe-struck at the beauty of an epically clean car.

 photo fez-1_zps5ab88f0a.jpg

Out of all the modified JDM and euro machines on display, I kept on being drawn back to  the F40. At a modifed car event, it was probably the ‘most standard’ in attendance. I digress, it would be a crime to modify this pure and astoundingly beautiful performance machine. It’s all in those details.

 photo mon_zps8847a751.jpg

The low-slung, aerodynamic Pininfarina styled body is a true work of art featuring panels made of kevlar, carbon fiber, and aluminum for strength and low weight. It is achingly beautiful in every aspect. Oh.. the thrill it would be to actually own and drive one. Priceless.

 photo f40_zps10b5bbec.jpg

 photo rears_zpsef323d4f.jpg

Another jaw-dropping ride was the ‘Zomaya Evo.’ This thing has gone viral on the interweb, understandably. Just look at it! When looking at the car from three-quarter view look, the exposed, bulging front tyres instantly grab your eye. If I could sum up this car in a word, it would be Impressive. In person, it’s extremely aggressive. The sculpted body is the complete package, the front and rear fender treatments looks wide and meaty.

 photo lancer-1_zps0c344fc9.jpg

Another attention-seeker was this gold track-ready Silvia. Carbon clad, Stripped, caged, Bride seats and added aero. Not sure what the engine specs are but I’m sure they would be equally as ‘Not for public road use’.

 photo silvia_zps16c459bd.jpg

Just a few steps away this bagged lowrider turned a few heads. The variety of cars at 100mm was the best aspect. Its always great to be able see old school playing co-operatively with the new.

 photo lowrider_zpsbf3a89fd.jpg

 photo toyota_zps3f05ac11.jpg

Oh what a feeling. Vintage Toyota goodness is always welcome. I’m getting the impression that the Levin below is no hard parker.

 photo levin_zps9f120c8d.jpg

Skylines were out in force. With all generations represented. The GTR legend shone brightly in the Melbourne autumn glow.

 photo gtr-2_zpsa9d9297f.jpg

In no particular order, deep dish, tucked and slammed was the theme of the day for many rides.

 photo 370z_zps9050419c.jpg

The E30 has become such a cult car in the modifying community.

 photo e30-1_zpsaf93397b.jpg

You can instantly create something that is truly attention seeking.

 photo bmw2-1_zps24184933.jpg

Although, none were quite as attention-grabbing as the ‘Dirty Thirty.’ This well documented E30 features a RB30ET and could eat its relatives above for breakfast. Set up for drift work, its menacing appearance is matched with unbelievable performance around 300KW, in a lightened shell. Attention-seeker…you bet!

 photo bmw3-1_zps7e009981.jpg

 photo s2k2_zpsb6e3dbdd.jpg

Many awesome S2K’s in attendance. Matt or gloss. Which one would you like to take home?

 photo s2k_zpsd0e933b0.jpg

This MX5 was right in so many ways. The Bronze TE37’s looked perfect against the deep black paintwork

 photo mx5-2_zpsfba06e19.jpg
 photo evo-1_zpsc47864a2.jpg

The perfect number plate to describe this unique NSX.

 photo nsx_zpsbedadbe5.jpg

A late wide-bodied and aggressively stanced Rex.

 photo sub_zpsa4ecfa50.jpg

The colour combo of this MkV Golf was on the money.

 photo vws_zpsa234d8a4.jpg

The Melbourne CBD skyline, the perfect backdrop to a Tokyo crime fighter.

 photo 1_zps3646bcd7.jpg

Well, that’s it from us here at Driven Threads.

Here’s hoping to a sequel to 100MM. Be sure to check out the official 100mm site. I’m hearing quiet rumours that there will be a second show, Certified II not too far away. Judging by their first event, I’m thinking things will get even better.

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