A Queen’s Birthday Tradition



It’s been a Queen’s Birthday holiday tradition for the past three years for Driven Threads. We jump on the Hume and head to Winton Raceway. The home of horsepower. The reason, Tampered Motorsport’s Trackday. Where cool cars come out to play.



This year’s field of entries had a dominant JDM flavour. You name a Japanese Manufacturer…it was represented out on the twisty Benalla circuit.



Like mis-matched wheels the track action at Winton Raceway never gets tired or boring.


These kind of days always have a relaxed feel and vibe.

The first step for anyone giving it a go is to; Remove weight.


Then add aero and some sticky tyres.

track day

But most importantly, understand that no one really cares what you drive or how fast your time is. As long as you’re having some fun.


The fact is, you’re never too young to be a motor-head.

nevertoo young

A great thing about these kinds of days, is that you never know what cars you will find lurking around.


Its funny how cars that you wouldn’t take a second look at, say ten years ago, now draw your full attention. Their rarity now makes them unique and interesting. Take this Nissan Bluebird for example. That boxy shape and the fact that you know longer see them on the roads make you take that second look.


Its the same case for the Laser Tx3 Turbo. A forgotten little terrior, the Tx3 was powered by a 117kw Mazda 1.8l 16V DOHC Turbo.


This is the earlier KC/KE 1.6 litre model. While you’re not going to break any land speed records, these cars are not heavy and are not slow. Pick one up on carsales for a bargain. Cheap and cheery fun on the track comes standard.


Its always great to see our favourite compact BMW; the E30 out on the track.

e30 blur

This 318i seemed to get quicker and quicker each time it went out. It had no trouble keeping up with the big guns.

bmw e30 chase

Bringing in a quickest time of 1:48.3370. Explaining why the passenger was holding on tight!

bmw e30

This Audi 80 Quattro is a regular in the Victorian State Series. Like many of the participants, it was out using this day primarily for practising and testing.


The curvaceous lines and timeless styling of the TT have never looked so good.


Blurring the lines between ‘show car’ and ‘track hack’ was the Polo GTI owned by Troy Hagan. Huge respect for people, like Troy, that care crazily about their car. Yet, they have the guts to see what it can do out on the track.




There was a heap of varied Silvia’s out to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday too. The Melbourne S15 crew out to prove that their chassis is one of the most trackable and formidable.



This S13 has got weight reduction down to an art form.




The stand-out Silvia has got to be this two-tone beast. This Nissan 200SX S15 did its best lap in 1:37.7670. If you’re thinking that this one looks familiar, that would be because it was one of the stars at 100 MM certified in late April. Check out our coverage here, if you missed it.

gold and black

The 200SX had a few battles out on the track with this very rapid, wide-bodied Evo 9.


You don’t see too many R34’s in red.


Sporting a unique rear diffuser, this R34GTT looked pretty sharp.


Regular readers will appreciate that Driven Threads is a true-admirer of the original.


This Mk6 GTI was cutting some clean lines around the tight Winton circuit.


A real surprise package, handling the tight corners of Winton in a breeze was this Mini ‘thing’.


With a whistle and those red ascents, its rather unfair to call this a ‘thing’. It is ofcourse a John Cooper Works Coupe, powered by a turbocharged and direct-injected 1.6 that outputs 208 horses. Despite the hair-dresser looks, some reviewers have said that these are one of the best handling front-wheeled drive cars on the market today.


This Lancer owner had a great idea to protect his ride from those pesky track stones.


While this metalic Mustang coupe looks the business in full motion.



There was an abundance of S2000’s, many owned by member of the Melbourne S15 club.


Soft topped.


Or Hard topped. All with a perfect track-stance.


It says something of the design of these cars that the earliest are now over 14 years old. Launched in 1999 the S2000 was created to celebrate the Honda’s 50th anniversary. With some subtle nipping, tucking and deleting, their sharp lines still look pretty fresh and current today. No crows feet, lines or creases in sight.


Why Honda did you stop producing real sports cars?


This spectating example was fitted with trusty Enkie RpF1’s.

honda s2000

This Cressida out for a “look-see” is a regular in the Melbourne car scene.


But, for those playing at home, our carpark pick was this very clean and original E34 BMW M5. Complete with BMW’s famous silky smooth 6 cylinder inside. Of all the 80’s and 90’s luxo-sports-barges the M5 has got to be up there, with the best.


This E30 was also spotted. Sporting a lower ride height makes all the difference.

e30 2

A highlight was this AE86 Toyota Sprinter 1600.


With its JDM-spec wheels, it looked even better at full speed on the track.


The trusty twin-cam 4a-ge looks right at home. The very tidy retro engine looks tiny in the engine bay.



Never mind North Korea. Like breeding rabbits, the 86 is destined for World Domination.

86 parked

To think that only 12 months ago, they were as rare as hens teeth.


Toyota have clearly captured the imagination of the enthusiast market with their rear-wheel drive future-classic.

86 white

As has the after-market scene, which is now awash with an abundance of parts and accessories to set every 86 unique from the rest. Lucky P-plater!


The most radical 86 present was the Pedders Racecar. This car was out for testing ahead of the Australian Manufacturer’s Championship and Round 4 of the Shannon’s Nationals at Winton.

86 racers

This character-filled Datsun 1600 looked like if could tell you many track tales.

datto 6

It handled the track with ease, in a best time of around 1:47.


This Datto in safety yellow also caught our lens.


Early Australian versions of the Datsun 1600 were delivered either as a full import. Later they were assembled in Australia from local and Japanese parts. They are such a practical and cool compact, and make an ideal classic to tear up the track.



Now, this is a rear end. This wide-bodied Z looked menacing.

datto 5

Inside a fairly original looking interior with a natural patina and the obligatory cracked dash.

datto 4

Here’s where the fun begins. Spot something different here. This explains why this classic Z pulled a time of sub 1.39.

datto 3


For the record, the quickest car on the day was this AU Falcon with a time of 1:30.1570.


But the times. They just don’t matter. Its the tradition that counts.


Winton Trackday action on Queens Birthday 2014. Bring it on!

Let the tradition continue.

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bye bye

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