Cool Spring Cruisers

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You can feel it.

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Spring is in the air.

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To celebrate Driven Threads headed down to the Mckinnon Accident Repair centre’s annual Hot Rod and Classic car show.

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With perfect Spring sunshine, the first thing that we spotted was arguably the cleanest EH ute in the country. This fine ride was in attendance last year, but it seems to look even better now. Check out our coverage of last year’s show here.

 photo muscle17_zpsb0102e50.jpg

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The perfect hue for a ’57 chev.

 photo muscle2_zpsd569fdc9.jpg

The magic bullet. As we have said before, it’s all in the exquisite details with these cars.

 photo muscle15_zps8da59412.jpg

Sometimes a lowered stance and understated steelies is all you need.

 photo muscle7_zps9eaa2e1a.jpg

The retro colour scheme on this hot rod was the perfect choice.

 photo muscle4_zpse84d1b23.jpg

 photo muscle14_zps6953b0b1.jpg

This Ford Galaxy 1963 500 Coupe would be the perfect cruiser in the summer.

 photo muscle6_zps34f16f0b.jpg

US Icon indeed.

 photo muscle_zps8ff1be88.jpg

The Pontiac Firebird is such a cool looking machine. The integrated bumpers into the design of the front end is such a unique feature.

 photo muscle10_zps03e650a1.jpg

Sporting some massively wide rear wheel and rubber was this Charger. The presentation of this Australian classic was impeccable.

 photo muscle22_zpsd13e6676.jpg

This GT Falcon has got the same Aussie swagger going on.

 photo muscle21_zps219067e2.jpg

 photo muscle12_zpsde3039db.jpg

You can see the American influence on cars like the EH Holden, from the front end of this Plymouth convertible.

 photo muscle3_zpscbb190e9.jpg

Thunderbirds are go. The first generation Ford Thunderbird was first produced in 1953 in reply to Chevrolet’s new sports car, the Corvette.

 photo muscle19_zps72756ea6.jpg

The second generation Ford Thunderbird produced from 1958-1960 has got retro, ‘space age’ and modernity written all over it.

 photo muscle11_zps385d47ab.jpg

Back in the day, powering this Thunderbird was around a 300 horsepower 220 kW 5.8 L V8, available with a 3-speed manual or an optional automatic.

 photo muscle20_zpsae227ac8.jpg

But timeless style, like all these cool cruisers comes standard.

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