That vintage feel…

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Passion and enthusiasm. Vintage car enthusiasts are a special breed. They are passionate and often one-eyed supporters of their chosen marque.

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Whether they choose to drive, restore or compete they are dedicated and committed to preserving and enjoying their treasured possessions.

Driven Threads recently took time to explore and delve into one of Melbourne’s oldest old car workshop Vintage and Classic Garage in Clayton to see what was being worked on.

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The workshop completes considerable work on Hot Rods, modifying cars as well as standard cars.

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This Riley 2.5 Litre owned by Michael and Anne Wilkinson competed in the 2007 Peking to Paris event. Given its minimal modifications, mostly suspension, remarkably it came first in its class of Classic cars from 1941 to 1955. The ashes mascot and indigenous artwork no doubt drew attention to its home country when it was being driven on some of the world’s roughest roads.

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Metalic with racing stripes. The perfect colours for a clean Cobra coupe. This is infact a Kirkham Cobra. Kirkham, based in Utah, have been around for around 20 years building some of the most accurate and authentic looking cobra replicas.

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The fuel filler on the roof completes the aggressive and muscular look.

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If you love your cobras (and why wouldn’t you?) check out our previous coverage¬†here.

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A forgotten marque to many is Allard. Allards featured large American V8 engines in a light British chassis and body, giving a high power-to-weight ratio.

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Some say that Carroll Shelby who drove Allards in the early 1950s, drew from some of their inspiration in creating the cobra. Most were frequently powered by 331 cubic inch Cadillac engines.

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Like the Cobra, a celebrated racing success is part of the Allard story.

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Up on a hoist was a early series 1 Jaguar E type roaster undergoing some maintenance work. If you love you’re E types please check out our coverage here.

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This beauty was parked out the front also visiting Vintage and Classic garage for some loving. Production of the 230 SL commenced in June 1963 and ended in early 1967. It was powered by the 2.3 litre inline-six engine with mechanical Bosch multi-port fuel injection.

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That compact shape and sharp lines are irresistible, even today.

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In stark contrast to the British and American cars, was this RX3 Mazda. With their powerful rotary in a light weight package the Rx3 is the perfect classic car for racing. One of many RX-3s racing in the 1975 Bathurst 1000 placed fifth outright and 1st in its class for the second consecutive year after its initial class win in 1974. The RX-3 dominated the class C the following year.

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We’re assured it’s no slow poke.

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Whether is be Rx3, Allard, Riley or Cobra. Regardless of the marque, model of power output. One thing is for certain. All of these cars are driven by enthusiasm and passion. Two values that are also demonstrated in the workmanship displayed at Vintage and Classic Garage.

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We hope you enjoyed our coverage. Thanks so much for looking.

Rest assured, we have more coverage on the way. Stay tuned.


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