The untouchable three pointed stars

Mercedes Benz is one of those untouchable marques steeped in pride and tradition. Today it is renowned for its polished innovation and excellence. It makes cars today that are as desirable as their forebears.

 photo merc7_zps15963d9c.jpg

A closer look at these formidable cars reveals that little has changed with Mercedes. A car company that is synonymous with prestige and performance, with a proud and rich heritage.

 photo merc24_zpsa8f2de76.jpg

Federation Square and Melbourne’s architecture was the perfect scene to play host to these beautiful and bold Benzs.

 photo merc12_zps1e219ef9.jpg

Exquisite detailing. Well-formed design is every conceivable way. The elegant indicators form part of the body work- car makers of today should take note here.

 photo merc11_zpsb997739d.jpg

The beautifully detailed indicators belonged to this ‘Adenauer’ 300 Sedan. One of 10, 723 fitted with a 6 cylinder of 2996 cc. Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1951, interestingly it is the last German car to be built on a separate chassis. In true Mercedes fashion and innovation, it had dashboard rear suspension adjustment ability using torsion bars and a servo motor.

 photo merc15_zpsb864baf3.jpg

Now, this is a car to kill for.

 photo merc4_zpsa2854141.jpg

The 300SL was best known for its distinctive gullwing doors. But not many realise that it was the first commercial car to use fuel-injection and in its day had the world’s fastest top speed. The immortal gullwing was built from 1955 to 1957.

 photo merc14_zps5ab44975.jpg

Drawing attention like a magnet. The Gullwing transcends generations and is an icon in style and design. On closer look you can really see where the designers of the SLS drew their inspiration.

 photo merc6_zpsa8bfe7df.jpg

The red and white combination culminates a trully sumptuous interior. It even smelt unbelievable.

 photo merc19_zps66701d6d.jpg

This is a breed and calibre of Mercedes with enough x-factor to interest Lindsay Fox or perhaps even classic car buff Clive Palmer. Engineering perfection behind this masterpiece is a 3.0 litre straight six. Capable of just shy of 270 kilometres per hour- this is the engine that brought world fame to Fangio and Stirling Moss.

 photo merc8_zpsb52d2775.jpg

Sold alongside the 300SL was its smaller and much more common sibling, the 190SL. It shares a similar look but was powered by a 1.9 litre straight-four SOHC engine, that developed a modest 77 kW.

 photo roadster_zpsebb58e76.jpg

Produced from 1955 to early 1963. A prototype was first shown at the 1954 New York Auto Show.

 photo merc18_zps6a988886.jpg

The classic interior of this 280SL.

 photo merc13_zpsf86ac1f9.jpg

Matched the equally impeccable presentation of the exterior. The 280sl followed the 230sl and 250sl. As the name suggests, it was powered by a 2.8 L M130 engine with 130 kW. Sharp and square took over the organic curves, as the 230 was the car that replaced the Gullwing series.

 photo merc25_zps91c1c6fa.jpg

 photo merc17_zpsf253e98e.jpg

This 1960 W128 220SE coupe was trully timeless.

 photo merc5_zps6294f5d2.jpg

One of 470, its powered by a 6 cylinder producing 120bhp @ 6000rpm. Its top speed at 170kph.

 photo merc10_zpsb2ad1faf.jpg

The W111 230S ‘fintail’ was a milestone model for car safety with front and rear crumple zones that would absorb energy from impact. Those characteristic tailfins are an intentional marketing ploy for the American market.

 photo merc21_zps7c021a46.jpg

Inside, it’s 1960’s at is best. The epitome of a retro interior.

 photo merc22_zps6532d856.jpg

In later models the fins were less pronounced.

 photo merc16_zpse4aff46a.jpg

This 1997 CL600- 6 litre V12. One of five Australian delivered, its cost an impressive $396,000 when new.

 photo merc23_zpsc834c463.jpg

This is the second generation SLK, produced from 2004.

 photo merc3_zps725c83b6.jpg

The exterior featured the Formula One-inspired front design.

 photo merc2_zps92b3664f.jpg

There’s no prizes for guessing where this power plant is from. For a modern engine it even looks good, helped by minimal use of crappy grey plastic.

 photo merc26_zpse766a96d.jpg

The C63 AMG has been a desirable bavarian beast for over 5 years now. Its powered by the 6.2 V8 driving the rears pumping out a effortless 336 kW at 6800rpm and 600 Nm at 5000rpm. When new, these machines were only in reach for the trully affluent. However that is now changing. Driven Threads spotted a few high kilometre 2008 examples for under $80K. The price will continue to fall as luxury cars tend to use the value quicker than Miley Cyrus’ reputation.

 photo merc9_zps0f9644c9.jpg

With the recent introductions of smaller compact cars in the AMG range. Including the impressive CLA45 AMG with AWD, 2.0T, 265 at 6000rpm and 450 at 5000 rpm. Clearly a new breed of Benz cars are just around the corner. Cars that combine killer looks with fuel economy. In addition to the performance and style that Mercedes is known for. Yes, the three pointed star remains untouchable.

We hope you have enjoyed our contemplative look at the Mercedes cars on display at Federation Square.

Thanks for reading our coverage on Driven Threads.


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  1. Thanks for the great photo presentation. It is great to share our cars with all.
    PD gullwing owner


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