Summer Sprints

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We’ve been really excited about the return of the Geelong Sprints at the Geelong Revival. The Geelong waterfront provides a world class backdrop for this motorsport event. Perfect summer weather and huge crowds made this event a day to remember.

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With fashions on the field and market stalls the event had a real festival vibe. Lots of families and enthusiasts both young and not so young.

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The Geelong Sprints first ran in 1956. Back then, it was a big event with top motor sport identities competing in the most powerful and exotic sports and sports/racing cars of the day. In 1978, the Vintage Sports Car Club of Victoria re-launched the event. After a long period of absence, the Revival was, well, revived again last year.

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A staggering amount of cars were on display in all different pockets of the waterfront. It seemed that every nook and cranny of Geelong has been inundated with unique rides of all descriptions.

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We’re not quite sure what to make of this. Innovative Aussie re-invention of destruction of a cult classic? We’ll leave it up to you to make up your own mind.

 photo geelong11_zpsa976405e.jpg

The event featured a broad range of categories each competing for the quickest time on the meandering quarter mile along the waterfront.

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The line up of race cars before the start line was a scene of vibrant colour and excitement. Who needs Monaco, when you’re at Geelong?

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John Gillett on the start line in his K3 MG achieved a 15.846, good enough for second in the Post Vintage Sports & Racing 1931 to 1940 class.

 photo geelongstart_zps2cfdb490.jpg

An Australian motorsport icon, a Matich SR4 patiently waits its turn down the straight.

 photo geelong6_zpse971f223.jpg

Interestingly, Alan Jones, the World Driver’s Champion of 1980, launched his motor racing career at the 1964 Event. With epic race engine noise, the quarter mile sprint could be heard from a few kilometres away.

 photo geelong23_zpsdf57f21a.jpg

It was great to see the famous #30 Peter Jackson Seirra on the sprint.

 photo seirrageelong_zps4001b43d.jpg

 photo geelong22_zpsf8b09238.jpg

There’s nothing quite like the sound of an Aussie brute roaring down the straight. David Holc piloting the GIO commodore was the quickest in the Group A class, with an impressive 11.456 down the quarter.

 photo geelong21_zpsec220b1f.jpg

Its an even better sound when they are smoking their rears. In Group C, the quickest car was Lindsay Woollard achieving a 11.712.

 photo geelong4_zps42610c19.jpg

This Torana was another one of our favourites, and the noisiest.

 photo geelong20_zpsd8d454ef.jpg

This R32 GTR was a treat for us. Driven by Andrew Stotz the Skyline achieved a solid 12.158.

 photo geelong9_zpsc9fa75bd.jpg

This time was enough to claim pole in the Production Touring Cars 4001cc & over class.

 photo geelong19_zps76944228.jpg

Jim Richards was in attendance.

 photo geelong18_zps313ba0d8.jpg

Red Bus racing brought on along the Winfield replica.

 photo nissangtr1_zpscef7ed72.jpg

Its always great to see future modern classics competing.

 photo geelong7_zps837b3888.jpg

Back in the static displays, this aesthetically pleasing, modded EH wagon caught our eye for all the right reasons.

 photo holden_zps2473c0b0.jpg

Dukes of Hazard style.

 photo geelong14_zpsf8903269.jpg

There is no cooler station wagon than this unique Ford Squire. The faux wooden panelling is such a cool feature.

 photo geelong17_zps3d42156c.jpg

This timeless 1965 Porsche 911 was in beautiful, original condition. It is one of one 20 right hand drives built it that year, which makes it one of the earliest right hand drive 911’s in the world. Inside sublime “Pepita” houndstooth buckets.

 photo geelong16_zps6e8633f2.jpg

To round off a great day we spotted this very fine Fiat Dino.

 photo geelong13_zpseae059c2.jpg

Well done to the organisers of the Geelong Revival- a superb location and an equally outstanding event. We also really appreciate you taking the time to read and view our coverage. We hope you have enjoyed it.

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Stay tuned for more motorsport and car event coverage coming soon.


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