Crazy Kustoms and wild Cruisers

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Its important to open your mind and be willing to experience different car and cultures. While we do not usually feature custom car and hot rods we occasionally like to get out of our automotive comfort zone to experience different styles and tastes.

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As such, we can’t really think of a better way to kick off a new year of exciting automotive coverage. So we headed off to Phillip Island for the 12th Annual Kustoms Nationals.

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A huge array of mainly American muscle cars and hot rods were in attendance.

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With some Aussies classics thrown in there as well.

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The only criteria for the cars was the need to be pre ’66.

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To say that we were overwhelmed by the colour and excitement of this event is an understatement.

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The Kustom Nationals is the Holy Grail of the kustom car movement in Australia, when once a year the stage is set for all lovers of modified vehicles to come together to witness the latest offerings of the kustom car kulture, from mildly kustomized cruisers to you guessed it…Krazy kustoms!

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The Kustom Nationals is the means to help express an enthusiast’s view of automotive art. Representatives from top national and international magazines were present as well as auto related television shows to present the kustom lifestyle to the world.

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Driven Threads attended the event on the Saturday. Whilst there we were treated to non-stop music from Rockabilly bands from around Australia.

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Brilliantly executed cars with amazing paint work and gleaming chrome were in abundance.

 photo IMG_2566_zpsda518ec3.jpg

White walls and a lowered stance is all that is required for some cars to pull off a character-filled look.

 photo IMG_2567_zpsfdd5d322.jpg

Artistic and creative colour schemes and pin-striping made this one of our favourite creations.

 photo IMG_2662_zpsb3153117.jpg

 photo IMG_2568_zps05aa381d.jpg

 photo IMG_2569_zps00b043e6.jpg

This Ford ’32 Coupe was one of our favourites.

 photo IMG_2617_zps893f8daa.jpg

 photo IMG_2618_zpse99ec7e2.jpg

This original looking Coupe was another that drew our attention.

 photo IMG_2575_zpsde96b020.jpg

It’s all in the authentic details and white wall tyres.

 photo IMG_2576_zps331c3cf1.jpg

Nothing beats a ‘Chopper.’

 photo IMG_2577_zps134ea0ea.jpg

 photo IMG_2611_zps513cfa66.jpg

 photo IMG_2585_zps27bf3167.jpg

The pin striping of this Ford truck was pretty cool.

 photo IMG_2586_zps4612de7a.jpg

 photo IMG_2614_zps6e254151.jpg

Sometimes it is all about the colour. Also the fact that size and cubic inches matter.

 photo IMG_2671_zps694c4add.jpg

Red is the perfect colour for a hot rod.

 photo IMG_2594_zps34ce2391.jpg

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 photo IMG_2597_zpsdc79b1ae.jpg

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Old school trucks and utilities have never been cooler.

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The parade laps around the Phillip Island gave the crowds a chance to appreciate all of the cars in motion.

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 photo IMG_2608_zpsbd45149d.jpg

It was a chance to see the different shapes and sizes from a long gone period.

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It looks like the ‘rat rod’ look is pleasingly here to stay.

 photo IMG_2657_zps3f0e82bb.jpg

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It was pleasing to see a couple of beetles out there with the big boys.

 photo IMG_2638_zps0d15a83c.jpg

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With a sharp drop in the temperature and signs of the inclement weather many people started to pack up and get ready to leave.

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With some heavy periods of rain some of the cars and participants headed off home. Only to return for more event action on the following day.


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We like the look and sound of this Kustom Lifestyle.

 photo IMG_2703_zpsbfa89050.jpg

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the 12th annual Kustoms Nationals at Phillip Island.

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Please stay tuned for more on the way from Driven Threads.


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  1. Wow, looks like it was a fantastic meet.


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