Autoworld- A car museum the Belgian Way

 photo CorvetteRearView-Autoworld_zps729f9dfd.jpg

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet online for us at Driven Threads. We do apologise that our blog and facebook page have been a little dormant so far in 2014. That’s because we have temporarily relocated to London. Rest assured though, whilst our content from now on will be largely European based car events, our online store will still operate as usual from the sunny(?) shores of Melbourne.
It comes as no surprise, that the beauty of being located in London is its close proximity to Europe. In the coming months, we hope to bring you the best car events on Europe’s door step. We are extremely excited to be bringing coverage of both the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Goodwood Revival. Exciting times ahead.
Our first Automotive excursion sees us in the Brussels, Belgium. Brussels is considered just a stop-over between Paris and Amsterdam. Whilst Europe’s capital doesn’t have the postcard-beauty nor the character of Brugges or Ghent, its a city that grows on you. The more time you spend here, the more you come to like it.
Particularly if you take the time to visit Autoworld.

 photo Beatle-VWAutoworld_zpsd5f8293a.jpg

Autoworld is located in the building of the Cinquantenaire Park complex. Built under Leopold II’s reign, the complex took nearly fifty years to complete. The imposing if a little cliche’d arch was built to celebrate 50 years of Belgium Independence.

 photo Entry-Autoworld_zpsd7375b65.jpg

The large halls that now house Autoworld and the opposite Army and Air Force Museum date from 1887, when they were build for the World Exposition. Autoworld was established in 1986.

 photo EntryGate-Autoworld_zpsa5931b98.jpg

The Museum is logically organised, presenting a impressive chronological history of the automobile from carriages to ’90’s supercars. In a typical Driven Threads fashion, we’ve sifted out the boring bits and aim to show you the best on offer. We make no apologies for editing out the mundane, regular or plain U-G-L-Y. None of which can be said for the minimalist design and pure functionality of this 1926 Bugatti Type 35.

 photo Bugatti-Autoworld_zpsb4a46d5e.jpg

We plucked out the cars that inspire us, just like this genuine Mustang Factory Competition car.

 photo Mustang-Autoworld_zps02a65971.jpg

Cars that have just a few surprises.

 photo Corvette-Autoworld_zpsb802a790.jpg

Autoworld, really is a car-lovers paradise.

 photo ViewfromtheTop_zps1ad18e91.jpg

Every wall of the massive hall is covered in Automobilia. Numberplates, hubcabs as well as some of the most exquisite model cars.

 photo displays-Autoworld_zps16b99d94.jpg

Period racing garage displays all add to the atmosphere

 photo RacingGarage_zpsad4c29fc.jpg

There is a huge array of bikes of every period on display.

 photo Bikes-Autoworld_zpscf42e394.jpg

You could easy spend a whole day here, exploring. (We did!)

 photo memoribilia-Autoworld_zpsa2ec18a5.jpg

 photo Numberplates-Autoworld_zps695284a1.jpg

This display is a tribute to French cartoonist and artist Jean Graton. Through more than seventy adventures of the character Michael Vaillant, Jean has represented all disciplines of motorsport.

 photo Racer-Autoworld_zpsf15adf17.jpg

The Belgium VW Club had a display of their tough Beetle Racing Cars.

 photo vwbeetles-Autoworld_zpsaf04e1b7.jpg

Whilst we don’t usually feature ‘Old old’ cars here on Driven Threads, we do respect cars of a bygone era that deserve respect on their design alone. The quality of twenties and thirties cars displayed was second to none.

 photo 1930s-Autoworld_zpsbc36d21e.jpg

One of Belgian’s bright stars, this canary yellow boat-tail is a 1925 BN 1300 Sport.

 photo BugattiYellow-Autoworld_zpsbd6d841e.jpg

This gorgeous 1928 Bentley is infact a 3 ½ litre chassis but fitted with a larger 4 ½ litre engine.

 photo Bentley-Autoworld_zps075a2186.jpg

Alfa Romeo’s angelic curves have never looked so good than on this 1750 GS Zagato.

 photo AlfaRomeo-Autoworld_zpsf14b9049.jpg

Front-wheel drive and an icon of design, this Cord Type 812 from 1937 features revolutionary advancements such as supercharger and retractable headlights.

 photo Americanhero-Autoworld_zpsd1ab6efc.jpg

The cute lines of the Moretti 750 Grand Sport Berlinetta.

 photo Design-Autoworld_zpsf2820a9f.jpg

This eye-catching machine is known as the Brown Bugatti. It was produced in 1954 by Jacques Brown. The modern and aerodynamic bodywork was built upon a Type 57 chassis.

 photo Bugatti-Blue-Autoworld_zps8de56aa2.jpg

One of the most expensive models of its time, is this 1948 Alfa Romeo 2500SS. With its rakish Farina bodywork it cost 525,000 francs in Belgium when new.

 photo AlfaRomeofifties-Autoworld_zps352baf93.jpg

Delage D8 120 from 1939 with a body produced by Albert D’leteren.

 photo Delage-Autoworld_zpsb9514740.jpg

A max speed of 307 km/h, with 390bhp pounding through the rears. This 1964 AC Shelby Cobra was all class.

 photo Daytona-Autoworld_zps31687d59.jpg

As you walk through the Museum, you realise the rapid progress in design and technology that has occurred over 100 years.

 photo SeventiesDisplay-Autoworld_zpsd780f9fd.jpg

Factory Fresh and homologated for the European Touring Championship, this 1974 BMW 3.0 CSi Coupe was in complete original condition.

 photo BMWCSL-Autoworld_zps58d00d0d.jpg

The authenticity of this car could never be in question, with period stickers still affixed.

 photo BMWDetail-Autoworld_zpsfe3ccbd0.jpg

The no-frills version of the 911, this 912 Coupe from 1970 was very tidy in the seventies beige hue. Many of the original 912’s have been modified into RS replicas.

 photo PorscheBeige-Autoworld_zps3421e56a.jpg

One of few Japanese cars on show was this Celica 1600 GT. Complete with all the JDM goodies and retro decals this one was straight from the seventies.

 photo ToyotaCelica-Autoworld_zps47f5e410.jpg

The 80’s cars displayed were all in top order. This VW scirocco was a nice find. Which one do you prefer the original or the new jelly bean one?

 photo VWScirroco-Autoworld_zps2e293314.jpg

Now this is one very cool Alfa. This is the last of 3 cars built by Alfa Corse. In completely original condition as run by Nannini and Loubet in 1988. Chassis number 012 Autodelta features a 2000 4C Turbo capable of 430 Hp.

 photo AlfaRomeo-Red-Autoworld_zps1279f575.jpg

With is flared arches and boxy body kit this Alfa was a serious looking weapon.

 photo AlfaDetail-Autoworld_zps5e41dfed.jpg

One of the stars of the show, was the 1976 Vaillant Kremer Team Porsche 934.

 photo Porsche-Autoworld_zps235c11eb.jpg

The first 934 prototype appeared in September of 1975. It was instantly successful in European GT Championship which was won by Toine Hezemans in the Gelo car. The 934 virtually wiped the field in the German GT Championship.

 photo PorscheSide-Autoworld_zps73269cb9.jpg

What dreams are made of. This is the 1977 Porsche 935/5 Vasek Polak that participated in the Group 5 Watkins Glen 6 hours.

 photo PorscheVasek-Autoworld_zps1ea71f97.jpg

And yes…some famous names adorn the Driver’s door.

 photo PorscheDetail-Autoworld_zps657270ef.jpg

You can just make out the BBS racing mesh behind the wheel shroud.

 photo PorscheDetail2-Autoworld_zps42e7fadf.jpg

The Sports car section was our favourite.

 photo Grid-Autoworld_zpsaf9e8289.jpg

Pure Italian passion is oozing out of this 1957 Abarth GT 750. That design is unmistakably none other than Zagato. This puppy pumps out 57 horse from its tiny 750cc engine, and weighs in at about half a tonne.

 photo abarth_zpsf9838541.jpg

A featherweight in every respect. This 1960 Osca Maserati Sport 1000 weighs only 700 kg powered by 1 litre engine.

 photo FiftiesRacer-Autoworld_zps0a1aee34.jpg

In true racecar fashion a tight cockpit but its got Verificato.

 photo detailofOsca_zps5e6647a3.jpg

With period mock stands and pit displays the cars displayed really shone.

 photo MockStand-Autoworld_zpsa9e57ebd.jpg

Yes it’s a real one! An original D-Type from 1954 is a rare and pleasing sight. In the neighbouring racing stable was a Belgium Omega Six from 1929.

 photo DType-Jaguar-Autoworld_zpsc97b05cf.jpg

Another true legend was this 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder.

 photo PorscheRacer-Autoworld_zpsfdc3d913.jpg

One of the prettiest rally cars in one of the best liveries. A front-wheel drive rally legend if ever there was one. The presence of this 1969 Lancia Fulvia HF 1600 was captivating.

 photo Autoworld_zpseed00ed1.jpg

Another legend of Rally was also on show, the mighty Renault Alpine.

 photo Alpine-Autoworld_zpse556d1a6.jpg

Low-slung and organic lines were a feature of this 1971 Bizzarrini AMX/3 Spyder. With an 560 hp 8 cylinder engine and a weight of only 1150kg, it would be a fun car indeed.

 photo Sports-Autoworld_zps2f3a9f53.jpg

This is a 1992 Venturi Larrousse, Lamborghini LC 92. Its powered by a 3512 V12 from Lamborghini.

 photo Venturi_zps72ab0ad8.jpg

2008 Renault F1 Show Car.

 photo F1-Autoworld_zps7ae4fd67.jpg

A masterpiece is an apt description for this machine. This is Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Concept from 1952. The W194/11 features a 2996cc 6 cyclinder capable of 215 bhp.

 photo GullwingPrototype-Autoworld_zpsc6b30a17.jpg

To us, this car looks even better than a 300SL. The uncluttered headlights and front treatment is pure art.

 photo Gullwing-BW_zps6f62d0df.jpg

 photo MercedesGullwing-Autoworld_zpsad3ab5c2.jpg

Pampered Porsche Targa. This 911 Super Carrera Targa was in impeccable condition.

 photo PorscheTarga_zps75ab3c02.jpg

Parked in front, was what we think is one of coolest cars displayed, an authentic Belgian police car. No common issue Commodore or Falcon here. It’s a genuine 1976 Porche 911 SC Targa.

 photo PorschePolice-Autoworld_zps64485059.jpg

Forty of these were used as Police cars in the mid-seventies. No doubt, the 230 hp from the famous flat six proving a useful tool in crime fighting and law-enforcement.

 photo PorschePoliceCarDetail-Autoworld_zpsce823404.jpg

 photo PorschePoliceCar-Autoworld_zps364ebbed.jpg

A real treasure. This 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Boano features a 12 cylinder capable of 220 bhp. This car was a special Ferrari order from a total of 65 produced by Boano. With Pininfarina styling it was available with either a steel or aluminium body.

 photo Ferrari-Autoworld_zps806b975c.jpg

This 1964 Maserati Mistral 3500 GT looked to be the ultimate Grand Tourer.

 photo Maserati-Autoworld_zpsd168de4d.jpg

The usual styling of this Italdesign Giugiaro Aztec caught our eye. Powered by a five cylinder Audi engine with all wheel drive, it pumps out 200 bhp with a top speed of 240 kmh.

 photo Autoworld-Italdesign_zpsd1fc6b72.jpg

There’s a bit of ‘Back to the Future’ with the styling. A little kitsch but in 1988 it would have been considered ‘rad’.

 photo AutoworldDetail_zps82a9d0bf.jpg

Typically French in design, this 1999 Vaillante Grand Defi powered by a Peugeot 4 cyclinder has a great lines with a body designed by Hommell Barquette.

 photo Elf-Autoworld_zps180c4224.jpg

A surprising machine from Belgium was this Gillet Vertigo S Spirit. It features a Nomex Carbo Mono shell powered by a Maserati 4.2 litre V8 developing 430 horsepower.

 photo GilletVertigo_zps4544d5f8.jpg

Don’t just stop over in Brussels, be sure to check out Autoworld. Check out their website here.

If you do attend Autoworld, be sure to stop by the Army and Military Museum. It has a great display of Belgian war birds, tanks, uniforms and regalia. Plus the best bit, entry is free.

 photo MilitaryMuseum_zps2e52f4ea.jpg

Thanks so much for those that have bought a sticker or a tee from us recently. We really appreciate it.
We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of Autoworld from Brussels, Belgium. Please stay tuned to Driven Threads. Watch this space.


 photo Lancia-Autoworld_zps2800848a.jpg

 photo Fiat-Autoworld_zps44d82ca4.jpg

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