A Vintage Sunday in London

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London has some of the best markets in the world. On any given weekend it’s not difficult to stumble upon some of the crazy bargains and amazing products on offer.

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Astonishing variety and unique characters is what makes these markets memorable. Whether it be gourmet food at the Borough Markets, Vintage at Shoreditch, second-hand goods at Roman Road, or flower markets at Columbia Road. What has this got to do with cars, we hear you say? Well, we came across a vintage market that just so happens to appeal to even the most hardened gear-head.

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A plethora of vintage vehicles gathered by the Thames to trade fashion, homewares and collectables at the South Bank Classic Car Boot Sale. It sure got our motor running in a truly retro way.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket12_zps23b601ef.jpg

Car people tend to the the eclectic, eccentric type. Event organiser, Wayne Hemingway explains “We wondered if there were enough classic car owners who also had collections to sell, but ofcourse by their very nature, these are people who like to collect.”*

 photo VintageCarsandMarket11_zps44d37728.jpg

With the London Eye as the backdrop and amazingly some very pleasant Autumn sunshine, the double-decker bar serving Pims and Lemonade was a huge hit.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket1_zpsbaa58789.jpg

The best part of the day was that many of the prized product up for grabs was often being sold from a vehicle of the corresponding era. 40’s leather out of a Vintage Ford truck. 50’s out of 60’s out of an open MG.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket49_zps2fc97366.jpg

To the funk and hip seventies.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket7_zps9b240007.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket21_zps467a5180.jpg

We really can’t think of better way to browse for a vintage vinyl record or fifties crockery than from the boot of a beautiful vintage ride.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket41_zpseb909df2.jpg

Appropriately-attired owners added to the glamour.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket29_zps874e2470.jpg

It was all quintessentially British.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket30_zps166d8470.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket9_zps6a614524.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket45_zps12dbc8b0.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket17_zps3ee41255.jpg

Period food trucks, serving up some very tasty grub all added to the atmosphere.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket10_zps3da4b00f.jpg

Some even serving up Lobster.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket54_zpse7d271e1.jpg

This flawless low rider was immaculate in every way.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket48_zps6fb2d4df.jpg

With one of the most elaborately detailed dashboards we’ve ever come across. Staggering.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket47_zps104bd9d9.jpg

We’ve got a ‘Car Feature’ on this car coming soon. Any guess what it might be?

 photo VintageCarsandMarket3_zps7867f958.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket18_zps054ef15e.jpg

With some deep-dish steelies this MGA looked rather tough.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket20_zpsd626da6e.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket56_zpsecf600e1.jpg

The iconic lines of the Porsche 356 will never date.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket40_zps941eef5c.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket38_zpscd421587.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket50_zps960c7bab.jpg

Vintage signage adorns this equally used early Land Rover.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket37_zpse4182a7c.jpg

This one was something new for us. A BMW 2002 Touring. In 1971, the Touring hatchback version of the 2002 Series became available with all engine sizes available in the 2002 Series at the time.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket34_zpse31a4e66.jpg

The car was in top original condition with a hint of seventies patina.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket4_zpsf25c0325.jpg

This 3.0 CSL also caught our eye. Introduced in May 1972, the 3.0CSL was a homologation special built to make the car eligible for racing in the European Touring Car Championship. The five hundred 3.0CSLs exported to the UK were not quite as light as the others, as the importer had insisted on retaining the soundproofing, electric windows, and stock E9 bumpers on these cars.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket33_zps7330ca61.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket52_zps00ff3abd.jpg

Vintage Dinky toys aplenty.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket2_zpsd866b041.jpg

Every young boys dream.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket15_zpsd4771745.jpg

This 1964 Jenson CV8 Mk II was the ultimate GT of the 1960’s combining a British body with a big block Chrysler V8 engine. It was a true super car of its day. Only 500 of these striking cars were ever made.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket6_zps2eade493.jpg

The rear view is just as classy. The car is fitted with 3 speed Auto driving the 6.3 litre V8. Impressively, it pushes out 330 bhp / 425 ft-lb and does 0-60 in 6.7 Seconds. Pretty impressive for a 50 year old.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket23_zpsf7f74ab5.jpg

Those unique headlights are very eye-catching.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket32_zpsbb30d7cd.jpg

Like the Jensen, this Corvette 1967 Corvette Stingray C2 is from the Classic Car Club London. Upon payment of a joining fee, followed by an annual subscription, members receive an allocation of points, which they exchange for days in classic cars.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket39_zps82513347.jpg

The double cockpit style, black and white combination in the Corvette interior oozes sex appeal.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket42_zpsa68820e3.jpg

Plymouth police car

 photo VintageCarsandMarket51_zps313c0b25.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket53_zpsa9842311.jpg

The Blue Peel P50 was produced from 1962 to 1965 by the Peel Engineering Company on the Isle of Man. Until 2009 it held the record for the smallest automobile to go into production. It’s partner, the red Peel Trident was the second three-wheeled microcar made by the Peel between 1965 and 1966. The Trident featured a clear bubble top and either two seats or one seat with a detachable shopping basket. Famous for their appearances on Top Gear, James May described the Peel Trident as “something out of The Jetsons” and Jeremy Clarkson described the Trident and the P50 as his perfect two-car garage.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket27_zps32bb0431.jpg

Big and brash American cruisers basked in the English sun.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket43_zps3b0b9b57.jpg


 photo VintageCarsandMarket19_zps4c10f273.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket36_zps469032a3.jpg

Lashings of chrome upon perfectly polished bonnets.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket13_zpsd0f60b77.jpg

 photo VintageCarsandMarket46_zps3e6285c5.jpg

There’s nothing like a bit of hot rod to spice up a gathering like this. When this thing rolled in, people stopped whatever they were doing and stared. A very slick ’32 Ford Coupe Rod. The subdued green top this car off perfectly.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket5_zpsf537641e.jpg

Packing a serious punch.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket25_zpsceb1af94.jpg

Mod lighting was the stock in front of a Citroen Traction Avant. Gnome anyone?

 photo VintageCarsandMarket14_zps6a860a37.jpg

1965 GT40 Recreation- another one that is available from Classic Car Club London

 photo VintageCarsandMarket22_zpsd13dbc8b.jpg

A beautiful Fiat Dino.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket55_zps7159a5fa.jpg

Inside a classy original interior. You could just tell this car was well-looked after.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket24_zps7ebb3661.jpg

We’re finishing with another of our favourites. The perfect hue for this drop top Porsche 356.

 photo VintageCarsandMarket8_zps31b2e36e.jpg

It’s no surprise that the South Bank Classic Car Boot sale is our new favourite market in London. For more information on this great event, check out the website here. Watch this space. We’ve got more coverage coming soon to Driven Threads.



 photo VintageCarsandMarket44_zps97c844c2.jpg

*Quote from Time Out Magazine, 11/3/14

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