Out of the ordinary: Europe Street Cars- Volume One

It can make your day.

 photo PorscheMarl_zps8d2222ca.jpg

It’s a moment that all car enthusiasts crave.

 photo Audi-MArl_zps2019e472.jpg

There is something so exciting when you encounter something out of the ordinary. You might be zoned-out walking along the road or focussed crossing the street, then suddenly you catch a glimpse. You just have to take a closer look. Like a furry Ferrari in London, we get excited when we witness anything just that little bit special.

 photo 20140127_130342_zpsd2eec279.jpg

Our time in Europe thus far has provided us with many daily doses of automotive inspiration on the street. This post covers a couple of months of images of cars throughout England, Belgium and Turkey. It’s Volume One. We’re pretty confident that we will have plenty more street cars to share with you over the coming months.

 photo 20140207_162237_zpsc75fc9f3.jpg

It doesn’t take much to transform a ‘regular’ car into something that is interesting. Take this E36, in East London with some neat wheel fitment.

 photo 20140419_160315_zpsb427989e.jpg

Not far from Avebury circle in the county of Wiltshire, this E-type was as clean as when it left the factory in the early sixties.

 photo JaguarE_zpsc97edf96.jpg

Nearby, the town of Marlborough delivered some tasty finds. In addition to the R8 and 911 (see first two images), the fresh styling of the Boxster is just as impressive in the flesh.

 photo PorscheMarl2_zps406437b6.jpg

Brussels, Belgium delivered a unique Automotive flair. With our visit to Autoworld we were truly impressed. Moreover, we also caught sight of some pretty rad street material.

 photo brussels_zps07b90ad0.jpg

Enter this gorgeous Lancia Fulvia. Oozing period character and patina, looking ready to hit the alpine twisties.

 photo lancia_zpsc108c75e.jpg

There is something strangely appealing to that forward rake ride height.

 photo lancia1_zps385e6320.jpg

When we posted this image up on facebook, it received a lot of positive comments. Who would say no to a red Bavarian drop top with colour-matched shoes?

 photo brusselsceremony_zpsf8bc9687.jpg

We really love early Volvo’s. Very cool.

 photo 20140219_100713_zps8d3a2df5.jpg

Like waffles and chocolate shops, Porsche’s seemed to be everywhere in Belgium’s capital.

 photo porsche_zpse3d4153c.jpg

We had a good look at this sinister looking Opel Speedster. Check out our recent ‘Share your ride’ feature on Toine’s track toy to learn more about these awesome machines.

 photo opel_zpscd275c4a.jpg

The best looking hatch on the market today. Mercedes A-series hatches really do look spot-on, particularly in a matte finish.

 photo aclassa200amg_zpsa701c5e3.jpg

We couldn’t resist a sneaky visit into Mercedes main dealership in Brussels, to take a closer look at the CLS- Shooting Brake.

 photo merc1_zps456efb77.jpg

And ofcourse to appreciate the three-pointed stars rich heritage.

 photo merc2_zpsb9793a50.jpg

What are your thoughts on the Alpina wheels on this BM? We’re undecided.

 photo alpin1_zps1a5f669e.jpg

Not sure what this is? We didn’t know either at first. This swoopy sedan is in fact a Tesla Model S. The Model S was released in Europe late last year.

 photo tesla_zps73a5b97d.jpg

The rear view is a tad high and awkward looking. However, with it electric credentials, the range topper S Model is packed with an 85 kWh lithium-ion battery pack delivering an impressive range of 426 km. That’s certainly enough for the weekly shopping run!

 photo tesla2_zps007c1715.jpg

Back in the capital of the UK now. This time it’s Alfa magic in East London.

 photo Alfa-forFacebook_zpsdb2a0cdf.jpg

And the classic E-Type’s sweet six purrs along the Thames South Bank. In coupe form, one of the best looking cars ever. Period.

 photo CarsofEurope_zpsbeb28f0c.jpg

Near Hyde Park, we caught glimpse of automotive contrasts to the extreme. No need to further explain really.

 photo 20140323_114150_zps2e71f73f.jpg


 photo 20140323_114213_zpse58485b5.jpg

The correct colour for any Gullwing.

 photo 20140323_114219_zps3c2922cf.jpg

 photo 20140323_114224_zps41b9c681.jpg

The hip and funk of Brixton, brought us this quaint Karmann.

 photo VWKarman_zps8b358051.jpg

Simple styling in an understated hue.

 photo VWKarman-2_zps1724d979.jpg

If you really want to see some top-shelf wheels in London though, you really need to check out Chelsea and Kensington.

 photo Maseratti_zps15669abb.jpg

Within a couple of square kilometres from the Chelsea High Street, your senses can be overloaded with the automotive smorgasbord that is on display.

 photo PorscheKens_zpse98df8e9.jpg

I have never heard a GTR quite like this one. To say that it set off a couple of car alarms is an understatement.

 photo skyline_zps091affe1.jpg

 photo Merc_zpsc42791cb.jpg

This is the Chapel street of London. You want to be seen here.

 photo Ferrari13_zpsa8912e5c.jpg

Park up and flaunt it.

 photo Ferrari_zpsca095447.jpg

This is where the big money toys come out to play.

 photo aston_zps15a95981.jpg

 photo aston1_zps0217d4ad.jpg

 photo Ferrari12_zps560f8f6e.jpg

Although the modern exotica is tempting, this quintessential Ferrari probably appeals to us the most.

 photo Fez1_zpsd9100b01.jpg

This is one of 455 Pininfarina styled 330 GT 2+2’s.

 photo Ferrari14_zps40ec2b07.jpg

Pleasingly, its  wire wheels and midnight blue bodywork were not perfect and showed some signs of daily wear. With some usage, from all angles, it’s a true beauty.

 photo ferrari15_zps86d77369.jpg

 photo vintage_zps5dd3ccdb.jpg

 photo Chelsea_zps00dd2221.jpg

We nearly missed this FF, with its subtle metal work.

 photo Fez2_zps2137e1a9.jpg

Ferrari nailed the styling of this rakish Hatch. The FF has a top speed of 335 km/h and it punches from zero to 100 in 3.7 seconds. Ferrari modestly claims that the FF is the world’s fastest four-seat car.

 photo feRRARI16_zps3fa64b4f.jpg

We spotted about 3 Rolls in this area…only in Chelsea.

 photo Chelsea2_zps76525361.jpg

Now for a complete contrast. Let’s head to the gateway of Europe and Asia- Istanbul, Turkey. While we didn’t spot a huge array of car talent, we did sense an interesting approaching to ‘stance.’

 photo turk_zps16030e1c.jpg

We’re not quite sure where these two were off to? Hopefully, not the crusher.

 photo turk2_zps7e2d9cb8.jpg

A Seat with some form of stance.

 photo seat_zps067dab46.jpg

A nicely executed BMW.

 photo IstanbulBMW_zpsa4741729.jpg

This Mustang seemed out of place here.

 photo turkmust_zps5b87da44.jpg

This wasn’t the only taxi in Turkey that has received the ‘Stance treatment.’  It sure got us taking a second glance.

 photo Taxi_zps9c3f2b07.jpg

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Street cars that we have encountered so far from our time in Europe. Please share this post if you enjoyed our coverage. Better still, hit up our online store and check out our range of tees and stickers.

Stay tuned for more coming soon to Driven Threads.

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