Top Quality Sushi: A Mind-Blowing Japanese Car Show

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We have been really pumped to attend a ‘proper’ car show in the UK for sometime now. When the opportunity to check out Japfest at Castle Combe presented itself, we jumped! We didn’t want to miss the chance to see some of the finest Japanese machines in this fine land.

 photo japfest3_zps62cc7c51.jpg

Boasting itself as ‘Europe’s Biggest Japanese Car Show’ is a big call. But in the case of Japfest it is warranted. Fortunately, unsettled and inclement weather conditions throughout the day combined with a particularly nasty wind didn’t scare the masses of crowds and their cars away.

 photo Japfest4_zpsd93ac05d.jpg

There was a vehicle for every Japanese car enthusiast with every conceivable automotive style and taste- from retro classics.

 photo Japfest11_zps33b34e22.jpg

To the ultra-modified and stanced.

 photo Japfest41_zps82c83d4c.jpg

Plus everything in between.

 photo Japfest12_zps47d83ffd.jpg

Seeing one NSX is inspiring…seeing this many is mind-blowing. The first generation is the better looker in our opinion.

 photo Japfest25_zpsdb3dfe99.jpg

 photo Japfest36_zpse3a1b6a3.jpg

Do you have a secret lust for a Toyota Celica GT4. Memories of Sega rally arcade games make us fond of this particular model. Arguably, the most attractive version is the curvaceous ST205 model built in GT4 form from February 1994 to June 1999.

 photo Japfest5_zps93616d1c.jpg

This version was to be the most powerful Celica produced to date, producing just shy of 180 kW.

 photo Japfest15_zps321342ba.jpg

 photo Japfest42_zps207b0a68.jpg

 photo Japfest47_zpsbc5444f0.jpg

The Japfest track sessions allowed an opportunity for fans to test their vehicles (and their own!) capabilities out on the famous track.

 photo Japfest22_zps682889e2.jpg

 photo Japfest45_zps620c382b.jpg

 photo Japfest51_zps6bc56d25.jpg

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a fun time had by all. With excessive corner speed this Rx8 spun out, front end first into the concrete barrier. An expensive day out.

 photo Japfest60_zps824b2670.jpg

Everytime it passed on the circuit, we were drawn to the organic lines of this Datsun 240Z.

 photo Japfest46_zps8f6d630f.jpg

The old school theme continues here with this 1974 260Z. Looking mighty tough, it mixes it with the big gun Godzilla. Its 15×8 JBW wheels and carbon add-ons work perfectly against the perfect Masarati red duco.

 photo Japfest26_zps2f50797d.jpg

With over 3,000 of the UK’s best Japanese cars on display and over 120 clubs in attendance, the scene was somewhat overwhelming. Every couple of steps a new discovery was had. Among the Japanese bulk, there were a few surprise lurking.

 photo Japfest6_zps2d4fa3ea.jpg

 photo Japfest14_zpsecee0082.jpg

 photo Japfest44_zps28c9f155.jpg

One of the largest collections was the mx5. All amazingly presented and uniquely modified.

 photo Japfest54_zps45cee74a.jpg

It’s hard to believe the fresh-faced MX5 is 25 years old this year. The original concept of a light, cheap, drop-top has never been more relevant. Why not get your own piece of Mint DNA here by sporting our awesome Mx5 tee?

 photo Japfest49_zps95d21573.jpg

As seen at Japfest, you can’t really put a foot wrong with this model. Cheap, light, fast with a few modifications perfectly suited to the road and track.

 photo Japfest7_zps6d74da82.jpg

Widened wheels and aggressive arches was a winning formula found on many miatas, or in this case Eunos Roadster.

 photo Japfest39_zps30aa4945.jpg

 photo Japfest28_zps700d4d96.jpg

This black little number was our pick. A meticulous engine bay, flawless bodywork with chromed BBS meshies. The bolt-on flares are the perfect size.

 photo Japfest16_zpsf2247ff2.jpg

 photo Japfest57_zps8ccef2a9.jpg

 photo Japfest30_zps5518b0f8.jpg

The carparks around the track were literally packed with cars.

 photo Japfest13_zps16eb5f45.jpg

Among the copious amount of S2000’s these two stood out for all of the right reasons.

 photo Japfest17_zps973777b3.jpg

 photo Japfest40_zpsfcc9dd1e.jpg

With 86’s flooding the market, it takes a lot to take a second look at one. This one with an eye-catching very British livery got our attention.

 photo Japfest33_zps1279c28e.jpg

A strong field of Mitsubishi GTO’s.

 photo Japfest34_zps4edcc555.jpg

With its carbon-clad exterior this Evo was selected as one of the best cars on display. Oh… and a rumoured 700 horsepower on tap.

 photo Japfest35_zpsedc8034b.jpg

The quality of cars on track was second to none.

 photo Japfest43_zpsd79fc5c9.jpg

 photo Japfest9_zps9631f643.jpg

This R34 Skyline Sedan from Garage D cut through the corners with ease and blasted some quick times.

 photo Japfest8_zps44f054bb.jpg

 photo Japfest52_zps959316f2.jpg

Back out on the field, as expected the WRX presence was strong.

 photo Japfest37_zps1afc224e.jpg

 photo Japfest55_zpsa86a1c41.jpg

 photo Japfest56_zps11c0fadd.jpg

This Rex wagon was cutting some smooth lines out on the circuit with that iconic Subi-burble.

 photo Japfest48_zpse91a696c.jpg

What do you make of the new model? Nothing beats the original for us. We can’t quite get past those slab-sides and the bulkiness of the rear.

 photo Japfest38_zps37248674.jpg

 photo Japfest29_zpsd5fffd73.jpg

This Corolla GT looked great stationary and sounded crisp out on the track. Naturally a fully built engine is coupled with bonnet, doors, tailgate and N2 arches all in carbon kevlar. The windows are all polycarbonate.

 photo Japfest58_zps3d5c3058.jpg

The whistle of this Skyline was electrifying.

 photo Japfest18_zps069f12ab.jpg

 photo Japfest23_zps2ef33910.jpg

A real head turner here in family-hauler form. This Yuasa Honda Racing Accord Tourer, is primed for the BTCC championship. It is the first appearance of a wagon in the championship for 20 years. Its powered by 2 litre, turbo four punching 300 horsepower.

 photo Japfest24_zps3992d7a7.jpg

 photo Japfest32_zps8be61927.jpg

By late afternoon the dark clouds rolled in.

 photo Japfest62_zps1b9c44c8.jpg

 photo Japfest63_zpsf8b618ab.jpg

As the weather began to turn, scores and scores of fans descended on the banks of the circuit to check out this main spectacle of Jap-action, the Drift Kings Competition.

 photo Japfest64_zps940a1eca.jpg

Amazing drifters tracked their high powered weapons of mass destruction to the delight of the crowd.

 photo Japfest65_zps0d989a33.jpg

The Lucas Oils UK Drift Team sliding Supra is currently tuned to produce a phenomenal 1012bhp. The Garrett GT42-GTX and SATS Motorsport 2JZGTE allowed for extreme acceleration on the straights.

 photo Japfest66_zpsb8613553.jpg

The Drift Kings competition is judged on specific criteria: Style, Smoke, Skill and Entry Speed!

 photo Japfest67_zps1bb60610.jpg

Although the drivers at times barely reach highway speeds, throwing themselves and their cars sideways towards the guardrail still takes a huge amount of guts and courage.

 photo Japfest68_zps475f3eb4.jpg

This is a not for the faint hearted, ‘no-holds-barred’ competition as the drivers throw it down and give it everything they’ve got to impress the judges.

 photo Japfest_zps9c2c0504.jpg

From events such as Japfest- the biggest Japanese Car show in Europe- It’s obvious that Japanese tuning and styling provides a lot of inspiration all of us as car enthusiasts. The ability to reflect our personality and push boundaries in the car scene has never been greater.

 photo Japfest21_zps26fb930b.jpg

Thanks so much for reading our coverage of Japfest. We hope you have enjoyed it! Stay tuned to Driven Threads- very shortly we will be bringing you coverage of Beaulieu Spring Autojumble and National Motor Museum. To say you won’t want to miss it is an understatement. Watch this space.


 photo Japfest19_zps0b3858fe.jpg

 photo Japfest61_zps7c528918.jpg

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