Spring into an Autojumble

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Beaulieu really is a special place.

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Not only are its grounds physically beautiful, Beaulieu prides itself on its annual Autojumble events. Where scores of buyers and sellers flock to the Hampshire automotive haven. With pleasant spring English sunshine and great crowds this Spring Autojumble was no exception.

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The Autojumble has over a thousand stands of everything car related; parts, accessories, automobilia, literature, tools…you name it, you would be able to find it at Beaulieu Spring Autojumble. The whole place was literally full of eclectic collections fron eccentric sellers.

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Whilst apparently not as large as previous years, the Motormart is a unique way to buy and sell vehicles of varied ages, makes and models.

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From the Vintage.

 photo IMG_6241_zps58f3fddd.jpg

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Classics, like this Lea Francis, needing a little TLC.

 photo IMG_6236_zpsd66dd886.jpg

Concours standard beauties.

 photo IMG_6445_zpsd510fe94.jpg

A little bit of muscle.

 photo IMG_6338_zpse7872888.jpg

Classics of the future.

 photo IMG_6235_zpsecbbfaf3.jpg

And the drop dead gorgeous.

 photo IMG_6444_zps25640d69.jpg

4250 pounds was the sticker price for this tidy Benz.

 photo IMG_6442_zps08211767.jpg

A number of clubs put on displays throughout the grounds.

 photo IMG_6254_zps5363cde1.jpg

We were particularly fond of this immaculate Esprit.

 photo IMG_6441_zpsb1d000a1.jpg

This ST Focus was also from the same club; the Wessex Car Club.

 photo IMG_6429_zps922cf3f7.jpg

As was this Mk4 Golf looking track prepped.

 photo IMG_6244_zpsf339f016.jpg

And you could not look past this elegant DB7.

 photo IMG_6438_zps3de69ec2.jpg

Still a very attractive car twenty years after its first release.

 photo IMG_6437_zpsacfabf7c.jpg

 photo IMG_6436_zpsbe3ba858.jpg

Sunday featured the Old Sodbury’s Land Rover Sortout. A vast array of stands selling everything Land Rover.

 photo IMG_6434_zps0044ba7b.jpg

 photo IMG_6433_zpsd27cb706.jpg

Trunk Traders also rolled up on this day with amateur jumblers selling their wares from the back of their cars.

 photo IMG_6432_zpsae65d5f5.jpg

The European Car of the year display marked the 50th anniversary of this award, with many Citroens being displayed.

 photo IMG_6428_zpsdff28bdf.jpg

 photo IMG_6427_zpsc7054cf1.jpg

The all-paw Lancia HF Integrale is a car we always drool over. It is still a stylish, yet utterly practical five door hatch, capable of 0–100 km/h in 6.6 clicks and a maximum speed of 214 km/h.

 photo IMG_6426_zps9824bb27.jpg

To match the performance, thankfully Lancia gave the HF Integrale that distinctive and purposeful boxy look. The bulged wheel arches, bonnet air louvres, side skirts all add to the muscular look.

 photo IMG_6425_zps574b44bf.jpg

These curious, tangerine-coloured, fibreglass micro-contraptions are called the Bond Bug.

 photo IMG_6422_zpsf3398f3c.jpg

Powered by a 700cc 4 cyclinder, these pint-sized wedges were launched in 1970, primarily aimed at the younger audience. The car was built on a modified and shortened version of the Reliant Robin chassis. 2270 were produced with around 150-200 still on the road today.

 photo IMG_6423_zps2f32ad4d.jpg

A one piece canopy tilts forward to gives entrance to simple cabin.

 photo IMG_6421_zps2a481706.jpg

With so many great cars to gawk at, we couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy a weekend than to spend it at Beaulieu.

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We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Spring Autojumble from Beaulieu.

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