Scrumptious Superstar Cars at Motorexpo

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The 19th annual London Motorexpo at Canary Wharf fulfilled all of our expectations. World leading automotive brands showed off their superstar models in this corporate hub of the city. Being a free event, it allowed the general public to get up close and personal with some highly prized machinery.

 photo IMG_7324_zps5195f59e.jpg

This was big money cars in the modern white-collar, business heart of London.

 photo IMG_7288_zpsf5225ecb.jpg

We’ll kick off our review by starting with the BMW stand. This brand spanker M3 sporting a fetching baby blue hue looked the part. The intricate front bumper detailing topping off an aggressive look up-front.

 photo IMG_7423_zps3693c0fb.jpg

 photo IMG_7331_zps0af62e2f.jpg

Both the BMW M3 and its new coupe cousin the M4 feature a re-developed 431hp M Twin Power Turbo Six. With a few revs from the sales reps, this new powerplant doesn’t not disappoint in terms of sound. A snarling growl burbles from the quad pipes.

 photo IMG_7455_zps57413f7a.jpg

 photo IMG_7304_zps7c16e60b.jpg

A business-like interior.

 photo IMG_7302_zps7391ff94.jpg

We think this is one of the best styled BMW coupe in recent times. It does look the complete package.

 photo IMG_7300_zps2fd487b5.jpg

 photo IMG_7299_zps03da8cd9.jpg

Looking very ‘back to the future’, the stand-out machine on the BMW stand was the plug-in i8.

 photo IMG_7433_zps2321eb45.jpg

The innovative i8 features a transverse mid-mounted 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbocharged engine that drives the rears through a six-speed auto. A small electric motor acts as a starter motor but can also plug any gaps in the engine’s power delivery.

 photo IMG_7329_zpse4a81a43.jpg

The front axle is driven separately by an electric motor and two-speed gearbox to create a car of incredible flexibility and complexity.

 photo IMG_7328_zps406ea09a.jpg

The i8 is constructed from carbon meaning lightweight, the interior features recyclable materials.

 photo IMG_7305_zps0f81dd5d.jpg

Its a very low-slung body. The scissor doors allow for easy access for its 2+2 occupants. Could this be the supercar of the future?

 photo IMG_7220_zps96ea6646.jpg

Next up we are serving up some delectable delights from Rolls Royce. This elusive wraith was exquisite in its detailing and body lines. The subtle two-tone duco a perfect match for this grand Mayfair tourer.

 photo IMG_7390_zps7d786b27.jpg

 photo IMG_7391_zpsad2543f6.jpg

The Wraith is powered by a 6.6 litre twin tubo charged V12. Delivering a mammoth 624 bhp with 800 NM of torque- 0-100 in a handsome 4.6 seconds.

 photo IMG_7389_zps533c6ce5.jpg

The Wraith was accompanied by a more familiar limousine.

 photo IMG_7340_zps85950db8.jpg

British in every sense of the word, every Rolls-Royce is still proudly built by hand at Goodwood.

 photo IMG_7260_zpsb5a68ed3.jpg

There was a number of slightly used AMG cars on display including some tasty C63 AMG up for grabs for lucky buyers.

 photo IMG_7227_zps5beb1f13.jpg

These will be a future classic.

 photo IMG_7310_zpsd3bdebb4.jpg

Test cars from most vehicle manufacturers were on hand if you were a serious buyer. No tyre kickers wanted here though.

 photo IMG_7445_zps95344073.jpg

 photo IMG_7327_zps5412553c.jpg

Bentley a bit like Rolls, isn’t a car maker for rapid change.

 photo IMG_7261_zps492fb4d8.jpg

Evolution over revolution. With a virtually unchanged exterior the Continental GT V8 S features a new 4.0 litre V8.

 photo IMG_7281_zpsfc9e9561.jpg

Those rear quarter lines never look tired.

 photo IMG_7272_zpsc8c753d8.jpg

On to electric power once more. The Tesla Model S drew lots of attention. With its 85KW battery power is silently scoots to 100 in 4.2 seconds.

 photo IMG_7311_zpsd7cea27d.jpg

A spacious front end luggage compartment would easy swallow a set of golf clubs.

 photo IMG_7238_zps565bb214.jpg

A large sat-nav and multi-media display is the centre point of a thoroughly minimalist interior.

 photo IMG_7237_zps1bf0b258.jpg

On to the Italian Stalions of Maserati. We were impressed by the Ghibli.

 photo IMG_7408_zps8e5ce838.jpg

Available in a petrol or diesel V6, it fills the void as a more affordable and compact version of the Quattroporte.

 photo IMG_7387_zps588088c3.jpg

In typical Maserati fashion it exhibits an understated elegance.

 photo IMG_7280_zps58fb0563.jpg

Very similar to the GranTurismo in appearance, the GranCabrio is the brand’s first convertible to seat four in comfort.

 photo IMG_7384_zpse038882e.jpg

The best part of Motorexpo was the taste testing. Being able to sit in most of the cars on show waa a huge thrill. For some its not everyday that you have the opportunity to sit and dream about this high priced exotica.

 photo IMG_7457_zpsa343f7e6.jpg

Jaguar had a strong presence with a proliferation of gorgeous F-type coupes on display.

 photo IMG_7214_zps8e9cbd4c.jpg

A contrasting display of fresh white and black F’s sat outside the entrance of the Motorexpo sites.

 photo IMG_7213_zps660d0abe.jpg

 photo IMG_7338_zps1f442770.jpg

 photo IMG_7295_zps9d07cdfe.jpg

One of the most rakish rear ends in the marketplace.

 photo IMG_7211_zpsa7752766.jpg

 photo IMG_7337_zpsc9307b67.jpg

The aggressively shaped headlights work perfectly on the front end.

 photo IMG_7296_zpscebea02f.jpg

 photo IMG_7209_zps8d15bf60.jpg

 photo IMG_7479_zps2f651a20.jpg

There’s not much beige in the current Jaguar range. Its clear to see that owners Tata have really put the claws back into the brand and allowed its designers some freedom to produce cars that are fun and inspiring.

 photo IMG_7424_zpscc46d10b.jpg

Like the original ‘E’ type- we think the coupe is the better looker than the roadster.

 photo IMG_7420_zps0eb4f338.jpg

While the F-type’s sublime exterior doesn’t disappoint we were a little let down by the inside. When you sit inside it just doesn’t feel that special. Compared to its German rivals, the slab sided dash and steering wheel are more grand tourer than sports car. Inside it feels a lot bigger than it really is.

 photo IMG_7418_zps41c8d1c9.jpg

 photo IMG_7412_zpsbc78e13e.jpg

 photo IMG_7428_zps999a481a.jpg

Now this is one cat that doesn’t want to be domesticated. The XFR-S features a 5 litre 550 Supercharged V8. The Ultra Blue sets this beastly wagon off brilliantly. As does the 405KW, 680Nn on tap in this rear wheel drive wagon of fun.

 photo IMG_7308_zps6b327714.jpg

The classy blue-stitching details compliment the well-executed exterior.

 photo IMG_7430_zpsc45ddb3d.jpg

We never tire of quad exhausts, especially from the rear of a Jaguar.

 photo IMG_7239_zpse58c3f3a.jpg

The XJ R is another cat to salivate for.

 photo IMG_7413_zpscd180f1a.jpg

The XJ R’s figures are certainly impressive: 542bhp is produced from the all-aluminium, quad-cam 5.0-litre V8 with Rootes-type, twin vortex supercharger.

 photo IMG_7240_zps5030e035.jpg

 photo IMG_7364_zps85df1e9c.jpg

 photo IMG_7365_zpsbeb31375.jpg

On the ground floor of One Canada Square was an Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One.

 photo IMG_7460_zps31ff9c1c.jpg

The very car that Sebastian Vettel raced to victory in the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

 photo IMG_7265_zpsa4ac97eb.jpg

 photo IMG_7383_zps08f081c2.jpg

 photo IMG_7466_zpsf1042cc9.jpg

Lotus was celebrating its involvement in F1 at Motorexpo.

 photo IMG_7461_zpsec49323e.jpg

With more than 475 Grand Prix starts, 81 victories and 7 world championships.

 photo IMG_7268_zpsab1a720c.jpg

Lotus is a car maker, that’s always stayed true to its founding principals. Minimal weight, perfect balance – true driver’s cars.

 photo IMG_7371_zps2fc6626e.jpg

With the Exige LF1 Limited Edition there is no mistaking its link to Lotus F1. Limited to 81 individually numbered cars to celebrate the Lotus F1 wins to date.

 photo IMG_7374_zps9be2b656.jpg

Tweaked suspension, AP race brakes, launch control plus further enhancements take this Exige to the next level.

 photo IMG_7373_zpse59154ad.jpg

The latest addition to the Elise range is the supercharged S model, delivering 217hp and 250 Nm of torque.

 photo IMG_7370_zps9421f3ee.jpg

The regular Lotus Evora features a tuned 3.5 litre DOHC VVT-I 24 valve engine.

 photo IMG_7381_zpsfc7f1c25.jpg

But this ‘S’ version delivers some forced induction to the Evora platform. With a power plant that produces 345 hp and 400 Nm of torque from its supercharged V6.

 photo IMG_7369_zps30c52070.jpg

Aston Martin always manages to design and style the most elegant body lines. This was the case with a Vantage V12 S on display, along with a Vanquish Volante.

 photo IMG_7353_zpsf8cc1494.jpg

The exquisite detailing in these car’s fit and finish is second to none.

 photo IMG_7291_zpsd6418ecb.jpg

 photo IMG_7406_zpse27542c6.jpg

This is the V12 Vantage S, some 15kg lighter than the regular V12 Vantage.

 photo IMG_7362_zps39192760.jpg

With enhanced low and mid-range power this is the fastest series production model Aston has ever made.

 photo IMG_7361_zpsbbcbb3e7.jpg

Inside the Vantage S features red stitching highlights in an all grey affair.

 photo IMG_7248_zps64c8cab9.jpg

 photo IMG_7405_zps8358bc09.jpg

Powered by the same V12 engine as the Vanquish, with an acceleration of 4.1 seconds and peak power of 573PS ensures this is the quickest accelerating Volante Aston Martin has ever produced.

 photo IMG_7401_zpsff367d75.jpg

 photo IMG_7255_zpscee449d7.jpg

The trusty powerforce of Aston’s V12 sitting pretty.

 photo IMG_7254_zps659b6ab5.jpg

The body creases in the Vanquish set off this convertible beautifully.

 photo IMG_7249_zps3b000b45.jpg

 photo IMG_7399_zpsb00f0b5f.jpg

 photo IMG_7398_zps7c91503b.jpg

This uber-cool McLaren 650S coupe was the ultimate attention seeker. With all options this one is priced at £244,000.

 photo IMG_7357_zps65ff785e.jpg

Powering this beast is a twin turbo 90 degree V8 capable of 678 NM of torque, 478 KW. The result; A max speed of 333kph.

 photo IMG_7347_zps38160622.jpg

The light-weight carbon fibre and aluminium mono-cell construction assists in a 0-100 time in a remarkable 3 seconds.

 photo IMG_7346_zps553e6ef2.jpg

This is the Volvo V40 Rdesign. Every engine is offered as an R-Design model, right up to the 250bhp five-cylinder T5.

 photo IMG_7312_zpsda5190d0.jpg

Volvo’s current range is pointing in the right direction- fun!

 photo IMG_7439_zps147913d1.jpg

Pleasingly, Porsche was in attendance at Motorexpo.

 photo IMG_7344_zps2c92fd84.jpg

With a earth-friendly 71 g/km of CO2, the Panamera E-Hybrid has excellent green credentials for its size and performance.

 photo IMG_7289_zps085ec1d6.jpg

Yet this Panamera can still top 100 in 5.5 seconds.

 photo IMG_7396_zps7f4babdf.jpg

The restyled Porsche Cayman is a neat little package. This Cayman GTS- 0-100 in less than 4.9 seconds.

 photo IMG_7345_zpsa546a8d4.jpg

The integrated spoiler lining up to the rear tail lights is a lovely detail.

 photo IMG_7286_zps5986859e.jpg

With its squared off headlights, boxster is now a fresh-faced- with top on.

 photo IMG_7270_zps0344744e.jpg

Or off.

 photo IMG_7343_zpsc2cd6ca2.jpg

You get a real sports car feel when you sit inside.

 photo IMG_7351_zpsdd23d2ff.jpg

The Carrera 4 Cabriolet, featuring all wheel drive interestingly has a light-weight electric hood that has components made from magnesium.

 photo IMG_7395_zpsa400d2f5.jpg

 photo IMG_7350_zpsc2b355ee.jpg

Yes. We have saved the best till last. The Lexus LFA was one of the stand outs of the show.The LFA with go all the way to an electronically limited 325 kmh. Going from 0-100 in 3.7 seconds.

 photo IMG_7325_zpsab53a093.jpg

Only 500 of these creations were built.

 photo Lexus_zpse3a7b9a8.jpg

A 4.8 litre V10 supplies 552 horses. Interestingly 52% of the cars weight is over the rear axle- the radiators, battery and washer bottle are set to the rear of the car.

 photo IMG_7316_zps22e97852.jpg

Body construction is aluminum, carbon-fibre and titanium. The car features an speed-activated rear wing. Its not surprising that the list price for this LFA was a cool £353,000. Despite the price tag its still pretty scrumptious.

 photo IMG_7235_zps92a43223.jpg

Thanks so much for reading our coverage of Motorexpo. We hope we have given you a taste of the fine automotives on show.

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Please share this article if you enjoyed it. Hang tight we’ve got coverage of the Brooklands Double Twelve on the way along with a full wrap up of the Goodwood Festival of Speed just around the corner.


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