The Spirit of Brooklands lives on

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The Spirit of Brooklands lives on through the Brooklands Double Twelve. We were blown away by two action-packed days of vintage Motorsport at the Brooklands Museum. The original Double Twelve was run by the Junior Car Club three times between 1929 and 1931. To get around a ban on night racing at Brooklands, the 24 hour race was run in two 12 hour stints in consecutive days. The Double Twelve festival today aims to re-create the past glory of the Brooklands Track at the Museum and the nearby Mercedes Benz World facility.

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The Brooklands Museum is located in Weybridge, Surrey. The Museum, established in 1991 takes up a large corner of the original track: it includes a large section of the original Members Banking plus buildings dedicated to the motorsport and aviation history of the site. Restored buildings from the track’s heyday are complimented by aircraft hangars from WWII and subsequent decades.

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The remants of this famous track is an eerie and nostalgic sight. Brooklands is the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit and the site of numerous engineering and technological advancements over the 20th century.

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The circuit was constructed by wealthy land owner Hugh Locke King in 1907. In the 1920’s and 1930’s this was the best motorsport facility in the world.

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What’s left of the banked race track gives an insight into how amazing this circuit would have once been.

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The Museum today ensures that the story of Brooklands as the birth place of British Motorsport and aviation is never forgotten.

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The motoring village with its original tuning sheds held many record-breaking cars such as Malcolm Campbell’s Blue Birds back in the twenties and thirties. They now house John Cobb’s 24-litre Napier-Railton and the museums varied collection of race cars. The Malcolm Campbell Shed was Campbell’s workshop and showroom and now contains Brooklands racing cars. The original ERA shed from the 1930’s now houses the Speed Record Exhibition.

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The Malcolm Campbell Shed was constructed in 1926 and then extended in 1931. This was his office, showroom and workshop; many of the famous Bluebird racing and Landspeed Record cars were built or stored here, and he entered almost 300 races at Brooklands between 1911 and 1935 – nearly twice as many as any other driver.

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Iconic models in front of the racing lock-ups- originally built as garages to prepare cars for racing.

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Its easy to get lost in the character of the Brooklands buildings.

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There is so much to see at Brooklands. When you are tired at looking at the amazing aviation exhibits in the extensive aircraft hangars, the London Bus Museum is also a great way to spend a couple of hours.

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But we were mostly interested in the cars displayed at Brooklands Museum, most of which are privately owned. With an ever-rotating display there is always something new to see.

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Its literally packed to the brim in here of motor racing stories.

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This Formula 1 show car represents a highly susccessful 1991 racing season for McLaren. Powered by a Honda V12 3.5 litre engine the Mp4/6 was driven to victory 8 times- 7 times by Ayrton Senna and once by Gerhard Berger.

 photo IMG_7728_zps26ebf1c2.jpg

This is one of three Olympus Wolf WR7’s made for the 1979 Formula 1 season, in which they were driven by James Hunt and Keke Rosberg. They were then passed on to the Skol Fittipaldi team who entered them into the 1980 championship with Emerson Fittipaldi and Keke Roshberg as drivers.

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The Double Twelve, is the biggest event of the year for the Brooklands Museum team. As a result a strong crowd were in attendance and an amazing showcase of cars were on display throughout the hallowed grounds.

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Cars which could have competed in events at Brooklands in its heyday, like this menagerie of MG’s were proudly displayed.

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This stately 1938 Alvis Speed 25 Type SC three position Drophead Coupe by Charlesworth looked the part against its period backdrop.

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We really loved this rakish BMW 319/55 Sports.

 photo IMG_7508_zps4ebe2d73.jpg

Brown and cream the perfect hues for the gorgeous thirties machine.

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DB4 or DB6…a tough pick.

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A glorious XK 120 with a patina-filled interior.

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On Saturday the VSCC Speed Trials took place at the Mercedes Benz World test track facility. The modern Mercedes-Benz World circuit at 880 metres is just a fraction of the grand scale of the original 4.42 km Outer circuit. But the competition brought out some of the finest vintage vehicles.

 photo IMG_7543_zps10d0547a.jpg

Like this brilliant 1937 ERA R12C driven by Terry Crabb.

 photo IMG_7821_zps5570e927.jpg

Or this sublime 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750.

 photo IMG_7555_zpse32dd219.jpg

 photo IMG_7586_zps0e469e84.jpg

There is no doubting the enthusiasm of Vintage racing car enthusiasts. They would have to be some of the most committed car people out there.

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This 1980 Ferrari 308 GTB looked to be in tip top shape, and as you will the discover further down its owner was not afraid to put it to good use.

 photo IMG_7634_zps5ce78e6f.jpg

The best thing about the Double Twelve was the variety of cars on display and competing. This wasn’t just a Vintage car event…it was a celebration of motoring.

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 photo IMG_7887_zps9f55fa4d.jpg

Local car clubs were out in force. This immaculate Mk2 Golf looked the very clean.

 photo IMG_7636_zps2aa7be2c.jpg

With a cheeky roll cage thrown in.

 photo IMG_7669_zps1acf629a.jpg

This VR6 Corrado also drew our attention for the right reasons.

 photo IMG_7882_zps9cbfede6.jpg

 photo IMG_7922_zpsf5aad06c.jpg

Back to the future anyone?

 photo IMG_7927_zps3bfa0093.jpg

 photo IMG_7883_zps33309c27.jpg

 photo IMG_7884_zpse5634354.jpg

An unusual body kit fitted to this MX5.

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 photo IMG_7661_zps540ef839.jpg

A couple of low-riders came too.

 photo IMG_7662_zpsa3259c61.jpg

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Pure class.


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You name a make or model…it was probably there at Brooklands.

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The perfect vintage travel case was adorned on this Datsun 2000.

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The demonstration by Stunt Drive UK proved popular with the fans.

 photo IMG_7676_zpsd9b211a1.jpg

 photo IMG_7683_zps17e52ed4.jpg

One of the most entertaining stunts was the parallel park power slide in between the two parked mini’s.

 photo IMG_7687_zps846f034a.jpg

 photo IMG_7689_zpsd34fed82.jpg

After several attempt the result was millimetre perfect parking.

 photo IMG_7690_zps6ae45ca3.jpg

 photo IMG_7691_zps71c87058.jpg

 photo IMG_7693_zps9db386b4.jpg

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 photo IMG_7569_zps43153ebd.jpg

 photo IMG_7696_zps6e4658f6.jpg

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Fifty years of the Ford Mustang was celebrated along with 100 years of ‘Ford in Black’.

 photo IMG_7697_zps3a59579e.jpg

 photo IMG_7923_zpsc8a923a0.jpg

 photo IMG_7698_zpsf9fde2b2.jpg

 photo IMG_7701_zps8103a399.jpg

 photo IMG_7702_zps15a2b500.jpg

This 1957 Jaguar D Type. Bagging three Lemans wins, the D Type has got to be one of the best looking racing cars ever and this year is celebrating its 60th anniversary.

 photo IMG_7703_zps68e59460.jpg

A perfected presented piece of English engineering.

 photo IMG_7534_zps99eafcfd.jpg

 photo IMG_7704_zpsb89f57e1.jpg

 photo IMG_7712_zpsf7a502c3.jpg

 photo IMG_7706_zps510f4f83.jpg

YM 4037 was originally built as a 3-litre Bentley chassis number 1192 first registered in March 1926 by J Heaton.

 photo IMG_7713_zpscdae62b7.jpg

At some time it was fitted with a 4½-litre engine and an eye-catchingly beautiful body.

 photo IMG_7813_zps7b4f7dcf.jpg

 photo IMG_7714_zpsd431ef6e.jpg

 photo IMG_7816_zpse3f448d3.jpg

 photo IMG_7817_zpsf327f08f.jpg

The utterly impressive Napier-Railton, owned by the Brooklands Museum set a record of 143.44mph when it was driven in 1935 by John Cobb.

 photo IMG_7818_zps7ffb78fa.jpg

Commisioned by the Brooklands driver John Cobb, and designed by Reid Railton, the car was built by Thomson and Taylor at their Brooklands works.

 photo IMG_7722_zps4bd60dc3.jpg

The car was built in 1933 and first appeared in a race at Brooklands in August of that year.

 photo IMG_7718_zpsce21b9e5.jpg

The car is fitted with a modified Napier Lion XI aero engine, chosen for its power and reliability. The engine has 12 cylinders arrange in a ‘W’. The horsepower for the engine is 530 bhp at 2350rpm. The car weighs just over 2 tons.

 photo IMG_7720_zpsfd7ba937.jpg

Whistling Billy is faithful rebuild of a steam car built by the White Sewing Machine Company.

 photo IMG_7810_zpse76d909f.jpg

The engine is from a 1907 20hp tourer with steam pressure between 600 to 800 psi.

 photo IMG_7721_zps71c0f5b3.jpg

 photo IMG_7723_zps053f2e7b.jpg

 photo IMG_7872_zpsc740ccc2.jpg

 photo IMG_7876_zps618c77a9.jpg

 photo IMG_7881_zpsbbe086a6.jpg

 photo IMG_7885_zps575762e7.jpg

 photo IMG_7890_zps9dca362c.jpg

 photo IMG_7891_zpsa6f19f68.jpg

 photo IMG_7892_zps4f2e8cac.jpg

The driving tests on the members banking involved a slalom between the cones.

 photo IMG_7893_zps4f45283e.jpg

 photo IMG_7896_zps62414960.jpg

 photo IMG_7978_zpsa317450a.jpg

1983 Ford Sierra XR4I looked nimble through the corners.

 photo IMG_7979_zps57ad9475.jpg

 photo IMG_7894_zps26013bc0.jpg


The driving tests situated around various parts of the grounds and circuit were a real crowd favourite. It appeared that it didn’t matter what car you were driving…ever driver seemed to be having a huge amount of fun.

 photo IMG_7909_zps64fb4196.jpg

 photo IMG_7932_zpsc360d222.jpg

1965 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage looked very graceful tackling the driving tests.

 photo IMG_7934_zps38c86b3c.jpg

This 1962 3.8 litre E-type was driven like its makers had intended.

 photo IMG_8037_zps0a5faddc.jpg

This Riley Brooklands seemed to be the perfect machine to tackle the tight 360.

 photo IMG_7913_zpsc895958b.jpg

 photo IMG_7938_zps39192ba5.jpg

 photo IMG_7940_zpse7f89b3a.jpg

 photo IMG_7942_zps10e7a3af.jpg

 photo IMG_7944_zps1b24b4f2.jpg

Looking very ‘Get Smart’ was the owner in this Sunbeam Alpine.

 photo IMG_7947_zpsc26f2e27.jpg

 photo IMG_7949_zpsbd2b5546.jpg

 photo IMG_7952_zps982aea6d.jpg

 photo IMG_7980_zps8715029b.jpg

 photo IMG_7984_zps68433b5a.jpg

 photo IMG_7985_zpse80143a6.jpg

 photo IMG_7991_zps3a07d191.jpg

 photo IMG_7992_zps0ed07575.jpg


 photo IMG_8044_zpsb840dc06.jpg

 photo IMG_8045_zpsbd0c9f3a.jpg

 photo IMG_8047_zpsd24e0728.jpg

 photo IMG_8048_zpsbcfea06c.jpg

This Frazer Nash/BMW 328 from 1939 is a gorgeous machine.

 photo IMG_8051_zps341feb38.jpg

The 328 was introduced at the Eifelrennen race at the Nürburgring in 1936, where Ernst Henne drove it to win the 2.0 litre class. The 328 had more than 100 class wins in 1937. In 1938, the 328 won its class at Le Mans, the RAC Tourist Trophy, the Alpine Rally, and the Mille Miglia. Naturally further success followed before the outbreak of War.

 photo IMG_8049_zps7e9a5ade.jpg

 photo IMG_8050_zps0d1da9d7.jpg

 photo IMG_8059_zps98ba0244.jpg

Back in the twenties and thirties scores of car manufacturers tested their cars abilities on test hill. Constructed in 1909 for the motor industry to conduct acceleration and braking tests it was put to great use over the weekend. With a 1 to 4 gradient the hill is deceptively steep. It was a thrill to see cars of different eras tackle the challenge. The Morgan Plus 8 proved to be a formidable force with its light weight making for a quick get away off the mark.

 photo IMG_7958_zps3bf97c59.jpg

 photo IMG_7760_zps5b623d07.jpg

 photo IMG_7767_zps2adb6643.jpg

 photo IMG_7771_zps82d2e543.jpg

 photo IMG_7773_zps7708f51e.jpg

 photo IMG_7775_zpsc4ef5837.jpg

 photo IMG_7776_zps733e1330.jpg

 photo IMG_7777_zps81161473.jpg

 photo IMG_7783_zpsfbae091d.jpg

 photo IMG_7785_zps5afb4044.jpg

 photo IMG_7788_zps71464d43.jpg

 photo IMG_7790_zpse99a74ac.jpg

 photo IMG_7791_zpsedc77659.jpg

 photo IMG_7792_zps1a61c7a5.jpg

 photo IMG_7794_zpsd7fbba28.jpg

 photo IMG_7796_zps5be8c643.jpg

 photo IMG_7797_zpsb435f8ff.jpg


 photo IMG_7799_zps5642d2b6.jpg

 photo IMG_7808_zpsda35e634.jpg

 photo IMG_7809_zpsdb8c3462.jpg

The test hill involves driving up the steep 1:4 gradient then stopping up the top. Then stopping once you reach finish line.

 photo IMG_7959_zps174b1da2.jpg

 photo IMG_7961_zps4dd0f600.jpg

 photo IMG_7962_zpseef71331.jpg

 photo IMG_7964_zps8ff915b5.jpg

 photo IMG_7969_zps3ba2361d.jpg

 photo IMG_7998_zps521a14f8.jpg

 photo IMG_8000_zpsf8f11070.jpg

 photo IMG_8004_zps9ee63ff4.jpg

 photo IMG_8012_zps183c712d.jpg

 photo IMG_8014_zpsbe173197.jpg

 photo IMG_8017_zpse4ed553c.jpg

 photo IMG_8060_zps1c5f20cb.jpg

 photo IMG_8063_zpsf8c93b20.jpg

 photo IMG_8065_zps7f845897.jpg


 photo IMG_8070_zpsc1ea76f0.jpg

 photo IMG_8071_zps2cf1fe2c.jpg


 photo IMG_8074_zpsab177b8e.jpg

 photo IMG_8080_zpsabde8ab7.jpg

 photo IMG_8081_zpsa804f10a.jpg

 photo IMG_8082_zps0a85d2cd.jpg

 photo IMG_8092_zps9f9efb06.jpg

 photo IMG_8095_zps4968903c.jpg

 photo IMG_8097_zps528f665f.jpg

 photo IMG_8100_zps4c00031a.jpg

 photo IMG_8101_zpsf5e670b9.jpg

 photo IMG_8104_zps0f54f101.jpg

 photo IMG_8110_zps9aa9a5c3.jpg

 photo IMG_8111_zps19c6cd3f.jpg

This Rolls Royce engined Handlye Special literally stole the show on the test hill- a car that like Brooklands Museum showcases the best of Automotive and Aviation history.

 photo IMG_8087_zps4857ffea.jpg

 photo IMG_8090_zps3960c504.jpg

That’s what 27 litres of Rolls Royce grunt can produce!

 photo IMG_8091_zpsbe885d5a.jpg

The 27 litre powerplant started life as a Rolls Royce Merlin 3 fitted to a Hawker Hurricane in 1940.

 photo IMG_8118_zps875b5118.jpg

When the engine was acquired the car was designed and constructed over a 22 year period.

 photo IMG_8119_zpsd5f1421b.jpg

The hand made alloy body is a work of art.

 photo IMG_8120_zps6e672a8e.jpg

What a thrill it would be to be ‘piloting’ this behemoth.

 photo IMG_8121_zps627a09dc.jpg

 photo IMG_7497_zpsd7312e2a.jpg

If you have scrolled this far, we hope you agree with us..when we say the spirit of Brooklands definitely lives on. Brooklands, we will be back! We hope you have enjoyed our extensive coverage of the Brooklands Double Twelve.


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 photo IMG_8115_zpsc20309cc.jpg

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 photo IMG_8117_zps00f03fec.jpg

 photo IMG_7931_zps353e7294.jpg

 photo IMG_7557_zpsc448b51a.jpg

 photo IMG_7866_zpsf1bb7756.jpg


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