Goodwood Festival of Speed is Pure Automotive Joy

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Its hard to describe in words the feeling of being at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Pure automotive joy comes to our mind when we think of this incredible event.

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Goodwood Festival of Speed is where all your car dreams come true.

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As well as sensory overload, it is truly a mind-blowing and unforgettable experience.

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It’s a festival, a celebration of everything motorsport and car related.

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It’s far more than a car show. Its unlike any other car event, packing a exhilarating hill climb and an epic forest rally stage and more. There is so much to the Festival of Speed- we are just touching the surface.

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The last weekend in June sees the annual pilgrimage of car fans assemble to Goodwood, a Motoring mecca a stone’s throw away from Chichester. As you will see if you keep scrolling…if you call yourself a true car fan you have got to get yourself to the Goodwood Festival of Speed next year.

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This event is so massive we are not even going to try to cover it in one post. Instead over the next coming weeks we aim to bring you coverage of the Pit Garages, the Forest Rally Stage and the Cartier ‘Style Et Luxe’.

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The first Goodwood Festival of Speed was held in 1993, little did the Earl of March realise the success and world acclaim that would follow for this now hallowed and exclusive event.

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The Hill Climb is the main event of the Festival. Its where countless priceless racing cars are driven to their full potential up the demanding 1.16 mile hill.

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This post concentrates on the Hillclimb, where only at Goodwood is the course car a Rolls Royce Wraith.

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The Festival of Speed is always well supported by F1 drivers and this year was no exception. It wasn’t hard to spot the celebrity as the crowd gathered quickly in front of Goodwood House to see Sir Stirling Moss and a some guy called Lewis hanging out. Just one week later Lewis Hamilton would claim victory at Silverstone.

 photo SirStirling_zps6231890b.jpg

Lewis later turned it up for the fans. Smoking it up for the crowd in a 2011 Mercedes W02- originally driven by Schumacher.

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Damon Hill looked right at home in the cockpit of this familiar champ. He took the chequered flag eight times on his way to winning the World Championship in this 1996 Williams-Renualt FW18.

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A special moment of the Festival was when Kimi Raikkonen in his title winning F2007 followed John Surtees in his 1964 winning Ferrari 158.

 photo Fez_zpsa046f735.jpg

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McLaren Formula One driver Jenson Button was one of the big names to drop into the Festival of Speed on the Saturday.

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Pedro de la Rosa drove this F60 from 2009. This car took just the one victory with Kimi at the wheel at Spa.

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The first glance category presented a varied range of debutants presented by the worlds leading auto manufacturers.

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Among our favorites was the impressive new Mustang.

 photo IMG_8739_zps24bce2a7.jpg

And the new M4.

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Fifth Gear presenter Tiff Needle piloted this tasty M4 Coupe and probably wore out a few sets of rubber as well.

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Mark Webber drove the 911 GTI-98. With this car Porsche secured its 16th record win at LeMans.

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William driver Felipe Massa looked relaxed in the festival atmosphere.

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Charlie Boorman celebrated ten years since the ‘Long Way Around’ with Ewan McGregor.

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 photo jackieStewart2_zps03cb6a01.jpg

Jackie Stewart proudly drove one of the most beautiful racing cars of all time, the 1939 Mercedes Benz W165.

 photo JackieStewart_zpsfc083dad.jpg

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Mad Mike was on hand creating some smoke for the fans….amazing.

 photo MadMike_zpseb74b1bd.jpg

Dani Sordo delighted the crowd in his 300hp 4WD Hyundai i20.

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Legend of Modern rallying, Sebastian Loeb also got into the spins in his Rally car.

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Unfortunately for Chris Hoy a little bit too much speed meant he aimed straight for the hay bales.

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But the caliber of some of the machinery at Goodwood were the real shining stars. Such as this glorious 1987 LeMans winning Porsche 962C.

 photo IMG_8596_zps01f7ed4e.jpg

#9 1982 Rothmans Porsche 956C Group C racing car

 photo IMG_8600_zpsd94b8fb4.jpg

Tom Walkinshaw’s team took a class win at LeMans in this XJ220 GT, although the car was later disqualified.

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Everywhere you looked the Mercedes Benz feature dominated the skyline. Two cars spanning eighty years. The 1934 Mercedes W25 won at its first outing at the Nurburing. The other silver arrow is the 2013 W04 raced in 15 Grand Prix’s by Lewis Hamilton, with 5 poles and a victory in Hungary. These two cars show the first and last eight cylinder racing machines built by Mercedes.

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The Festival commemorated Mercedes Benz’s 120-year involvement in motorsport. Right from the pioneer age of car racing the three pointed star was there.

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 photo IMG_8511_zps9b583c0f.jpg

Some of the more modern Benz’s did not disappoint such as this Mercedes CLK GTR- 6.0 litre V12 from ’98.

 photo Mercedes_zps6affb0d9.jpg

And this equally impressive AMG C-Class DTM car from 2006.

 photo IMG_9546_zpsec900fc6.jpg

With a couple of SLS’s posting quick times up the hill.

 photo IMG_8970_zps75ffd4e4.jpg

 photo IMG_8622_zps9c8a18df.jpg

Twenty three categories of cars entered the Hill climb competition. Some with timed runs others purely demonstration. This Lancia Beta Montecarlo drew our eyes.

 photo IMG_8924_zps995e3206.jpg

Ferrari 512S- Mario Andretti put the 512S on pole at Daytona and won at Sebring.

 photo IMG_8930_zps889b63fe.jpg

The Landspeed Record Breaker Sunbeam V12 350Hp from Beaulieu was out track.

 photo IMG_8457_zps69ca4d6b.jpg

Maserati also were celebrating 100 years with landmark models like the 250F gaining our respect.

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 photo IMG_8477_zps05aea51e.jpg

This Vita4one racing MC12 GT1 from 2004 is just one formidable examples that helped Maserati to win the manufacturers championship three times in the FIA GT series.

 photo IMG_8485_zps126ea56d.jpg

This updated version of the GT1 for the 2010 GT1 Championship. Once again both team and driver’s titles were secured with this 6.0 V12 Maserati.

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This 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 engine Bentley Continental GT3 had David Brabham at the wheel.

 photo IMG_8585_zps1c70d841.jpg

The shootout of the fastest cars got everyone excited. K Brack piloted this McLaren up the hill in a 47.86.

 photo IMG_8615_zpsfb5a5af5.jpg

This XJ220 LM achieved a 51.77 with its 3.5 litre boosted V6 sounded smooth as it sped past.

 photo IMG_8618_zpsf41bc31a.jpg

One car that got us very excited was the Porsche 918 Hybrid in Martini Livery. Piloted by Gordon Robertson of Porsche Great Britain.

 photo IMG_9360_zpse6d4d5cb.jpg

Porsche Hybrid in Martini livery in full electric power attached the hill in a 66.09.

 photo IMG_8941_zps3dc548f5.jpg

Lotus Exige V8- made it up the hill in 54.03

 photo IMG_8946_zps95f478c7.jpg

Seeing and hearing an Audi S1 Quattro in the flesh at Goodwood Festival of Speed was a huge thrill. This car enabled Stig Blomqvist to see off a charge from Lancia and Peugeot in the 1984 World Rally Championship. Hannu Mikkola drove the short wheelbase 1985 S1 E2.

 photo IMG_9518_zpseece0004.jpg

Who says Rolls Royce’s can’t be sporty? This Wraith put some of the sports cars to shame and sounded pretty tough too with a not too shabby time of 59.33.

 photo IMG_8952_zps25abe51d.jpg

Gordon Lennox in yellow Ferrari pulled off a quick 53.92.

 photo IMG_8973_zps129b6970.jpg

Once gamer now professional racing driver Dane Mardenborough blistered the hill in a slick 49.27.

 photo IMG_8590_zps308363de.jpg

Followed by this Toyota Tundra with 6th fastest time of 50.75.

 photo IMG_9639_zpsf7710632.jpg

Based on the Enzo Ferrari, this Maserati MC12 ‘Cent 100’ with special Centenary Livery and a power upgrade for the festival was second quickest up the Hill with a 45.82.

 photo IMG_8550_zps02dbf08f.jpg

But it was Sebastian Loeb wiping the competition in the final shoot out with a 44.6 up the hill climb.

The top 5 Shoot-out times are as follows:

1 208 Sebastien LOEB Peugeot 208 T16 ‘Pikes Peak’ 44.60
2 100 Michael BARTELS Maserati MC12 ‘Goodwood Cent 100′ 45.82
3 96 Kenny BRACK McLaren F1 GTR ‘Long Tail’ 47.52
4 135 Jann MARDENBOROUGH Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 48.05
5 191 Didier SIRGUE Jordan-Ford 191 48.30

 photo SebastionLoeb_zps395b32ec.jpg

Some of our other favorites going up this hill included this 1935 Renault Nervasport.

 photo IMG_9513_zps5b56db0d.jpg

‘Elvis’ the Nissan GTP ZX-Turbo- this car was a Porsche-beater in the IMSA GT series in the late eighties.

 photo IMG_9409_zps20b3e7a7.jpg

Porsche 917/30- Can-Am Legend packing 1580bhp.

 photo IMG_8923_zps657597ee.jpg

Aston Martin V12 Vantage GTE in Gulf colours was a pretty sight.

 photo IMG_8927_zps9d564c4b.jpg

LeMans winning Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro tackling the hillclimb. Electric drive powersthe fronts whilst turbo-diesel powers the rears. 2014 upgrades to this successful formula include an electric turbo boosted by thermal energy from the exhaust. Still fresh from the race it was still wearing its spattering of tyre rubber.

 photo IMG_8915_zps7d29b58a.jpg

Not one, not two. Three D Types. Yes- 3! In the lead is the LeMans winner from 1957 driven by Flockhart and Bueb.

 photo Dtypes_zps09ef15bb.jpg

Also coming in three’s were pioneers of British Motorsport, Bentley’s Old Number 1, 2 and 3.

 photo IMG_8500_zps5a1b16a3.jpg

LaFerrari a Prancing horse with the lot- The hybrid is powered by a 6.3-litre petrol engine and an electric motor which gives the LaFerrari a whopping 960bhp.

 photo LaFerrari_zpsed4001a1.jpg

Lancia 037- This recently restored example was Markku Alen’s ’82 practise car, later rallied by Antonio Rodrigues in Portugal.

 photo Lancia_zpsb32d474b.jpg

917K. That glorious sound from the 4.9 litre flat 12 roared past the Flint Wall.

 photo IMG_9423_zps8ed28faa.jpg

Gorgeous vintage lines with this C Type Jaguar. Back in 1951 this car won at LeMan, the C-Type won again in 1953.

 photo IMG_8496_zpsd9769e80.jpg

Lemans winner in ’88 this Jaguar XJR9 LM was looking mighty fine.

 photo IMG_8636_zps80d97f98.jpg

This Rover SD1 Vitesse was the car that won the 1984 British Saloon Car Championship.

 photo IMG_9567_zpsf9dca514.jpg

Ferrari 250 GT LWB- the silky smooth 3.0 litre V12 effortlessly cruised up the hill.

 photo IMG_8466_zpsa754b3ac.jpg

This Jordan-Ford 191 from 1991 piloted by Schumacher before he defected to Benetton.

 photo IMG_8382_zpsafa90f75.jpg

Bruno Senna drove Ayrton’s 1988 McLaren MP4/4.

 photo IMG_8379_zpsdae7db33.jpg

Renault R5 Maxi Turbo Diac in 1985 Tour de corse livery.

 photo IMG_9556_zps2f1eb708.jpg

Thanks so much for reading our coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014. Hang tight we have loads more from this epic event coming soon. Heres a little Maseratti teaser…there’s plenty more on the way!

 photo Masserati_zps00aa0c70.jpg


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  1. Thank you so much for a really excellent coverage of the Goodwood event. Fantastic!


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