Hellenic Motor Musuem

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Athens- birthplace of democracy and home of a not so strong economy right now, isn’t all ancient ruins and grimy streets. When you have conquered the Acropolis and explored through the concrete jungle of the city, there is a little place you ought to visit.

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After all you need to satisfy your motoring instincts.

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That’s right…there is something for us car fans in Athens too.

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The Hellenic Motor Museum. A Motor Museum in the heart of Athens that’s pretty much walking distance from most hotels. The Museum, established in 1977, is ever-growing with an impressive line-up.

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A cool feature when entering the Museum was the spiral ramp that describes the history of the automobile one wheel at a time.

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Like this jaw-dropping Dino open top…

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We were mostly impressive by the quality and range of Italian cars on display.

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The quality of cars when you first walk is exquisite.

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Period displays are also carefully re-created.

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Alongside the pink Packard is a Packard Standard Sedanca Eight Town Car- A similar car was owned by Al Capone.

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Classic Italian red sets off this Alfa Romeo perfectly.

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Ferrari 365 GT 2+2- 800 of these were produced.

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This being a 1969 model looked absolouted flawless. Back in the sixties Ferrari built around half of its cars as 2+2 models.

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Oh it would be wonderful to hear the V12 purring from the gleaming hood capable of 350bhp.

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Inside a gorgeous steering wheel dominates the classic thoroughbred interior.

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You can see where Aston Martin draw their inspiration from for future models in this DB2 Fixed Head Coupe. This is one of 410 examples built.

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The 1966 4 litre Mistral is the first Maserati model to be named after a type of wind. This Italian registered car was abandoned in an Athens street until the museum acquired it.

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The unmistakable Dino 308 GT4. This was the first Ferrari to feature a mid engine V8 and the first Ferrari to feature Bertone bodywork rather than Pininfarina.

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Along with some impressive Jaguars, Daimler SP 250 ‘Dart’ was one of the cars from Great Britain.

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1955 Daimler Conquest roadster achieves a surprising 100mph time in under 10 seconds from 2.5 litre inline 6.

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Greek and Italian Collaboration was the successful Fiat Barchetta with around 57.700 produced.

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Alec Issigonis, Greek British designer of cars was celebrated as he famously designed the Mini. As such there were a range of diminutive mini’s on display.

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Sixteen of these Mini Beach Cars were produced and were used by Luxury hotels to transport guests to the beach.

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This is a 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal, one of 3925 produced between 1970-1977. Being front-engined it is thought to lack some of the handling balance from its other Italian rivals.

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Aluminum light-bodied version Alfa Rome 6C 2500S Berlinetta Sport. After being in the same family for 60 years the car had only 22,000 km on the clock when acquired by the Museum.

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This is the Greek produced Korres Prototype 3, an all terrain supercar powered by a 3.5 litre Nissan engine.

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1978 Maserati Merak SS was introduced at the 1972 Paris Motor Show as a revival to the Ferrari 308 GT4 and Lamborghini Urraco.

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It still remains a timeless looking machine.

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Bristol’s are such a unique looking car. The 405 Saloon in blue would be our pick.

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Bristol 406 S Long wheel base- this is a special using various Bristol parts and imagination.

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It all started for Bristol in the early fifties with the 401. These are exquisitely constructed cars. Featuring an aluminum bodied. Alloy panels wrapped around tubular constructed were graded in thickness according to function. The aluminium is thicker near the engine bay for example where mechanics would lean during servicing.

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A Type 23 Bugatti Brescia is accompanied by equally impressive French beauties.

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Bugatti Type 57 Ventoux- acquired from the famous car collector Jean-Michel Cerede.

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Another French vintage car was this Avion Voisin, complete with Dickey seat.

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Razor sharp styling in this 1983 Aston Martin Lagonda Series 4 Sedan- First owner of this car was the Duke of Westminster.

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Abarth 750 Zagato Record Monza- from 1959. In the Fifties Abarth was more than a tuner it built its own one off cars.

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Abarth Simca 1300 was another diminutive stunner.

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Iso Rivolta lele – Bertone was responsible for the bodywork (similar to a Dino GT4) and the 5.8 litre Ford engine was fitted from 1973.

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Inside its classic Italian cruiser.

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With the same inline 6 as the Aston Martin DB2- the Lagonda 3litre Drophead coupe was an exclusive car back in the day. In 1955 it cost 40% more than a Gullwing or BMW 507. Prince Phillip (Duke of Kent) was one of five owners, whilst the first owner was the Earl of Inchcape.

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So there you have it. When if you’re tired of all the touristy things in Athens…pay a visit to the Hellenic Motor Museum- you won’t be disappointed.
We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Hellenic Motor Museum. Stay tuned we have loads more coverage coming your way.

Watch this space.


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