The World according to Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz World is located at the site of the famous Brooklands oval racing circuit in the UK. The centre celebrates the brand’s long and illustrious heritage: 128 years to be exact. The famous Blitzen set its Land Speed Record at Brooklands in 1909 and Silver Arrows competed successfully at the track throughout its history.

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Through its displays M-B world tells the Company’s Automotive story right from the beginning. Here is the Benz Patent Motor Car from 1886, acknowledged as the world’s first ever automobile, with just one cylinder its output was less than one horsepower.

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Utilising parts of the original racing circuit, the test track facility allows customers to test their driving skills in the current crop of cars in the AMG Driving experience.

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With a range of MB vehicles and hotted up AMG variants outside just waiting to be taken around the track, it’s no surprise that there is usually a queue of people wanting to have a go.

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The test track and impressive facilities have given the Brooklands site a new lease on life and an automotive presence.

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M-B World features a car dealer showroom, where all current models are on display and available to be test driven by prospective buyers. Rather than focussing on the current range of cars in our coverage we’ve decided to focus our attention onto some of the amazing sports and racing machinery on display.

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This 2010 Mercedes F1 car was built in 2009 before the MB purchase of championship winning Brawn team.

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The wide front wing, narrow rear wing and no aerodynamic additions were all part of 2010 regulations. This is Nico Rosberg’s 2010 car, in which he had three third places finishes in Malaysia, China and at Silverstone.

 photo IMG_7822_zpsfbbbb45e.jpg

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Official Safety Car. The thumping V8 packing 590hp has been doing the safety duties on F1 circuits around the globe from 2012 to 2014. The car is driven by Bernd Maylander, a role he has fulfilled since 2000. The standard SLS was used from 2010 until the SLS GT replaced it in 2012.

 photo IMG_7828_zps9d8e5301.jpg

One of Jeremy Clarkson’s favourites is the 2008 CLK AMG Black Series.

 photo IMG_7832_zps241d824c.jpg

With increased power (507hp), carbon fibre panels, suspension adjustments and fitted with racing buckets over the regular CLK model. Our favourite addition is the bulging front and rear wheel arches.

 photo IMG_7831_zps84e4cd81.jpg

Cars were only ever available in Black or traditional silver. This particular car used to belong to the Mercedes UK Press Fleet and has been featured on Top Gear and Fifth Gear. 700 Blacks were produced.

 photo IMG_7843_zps7d671595.jpg

This SLS GT3 ‘S’ is a one off and was created for its owner by the AMG Performance Studio. The GT3 features more power, suspension mods and slick tyres.

 photo IMG_7836_zpsbc0a20fa.jpg

Most noticeable are the aerodynamic modifications boosted by the front splitter to aid front grip and a huge rear wing to boost rear grip. The 600hp V8 is capable of a topspeed of 210mph. Yep, that roll cage is not just for show.

 photo IMG_7838_zps254aca89.jpg

One of the highlights at M-B world is not a car at all. Rather artwork. View Suspended II: is the creation of artist Paul Veroude.

 photo IMG_7839_zps3f2ae7c7.jpg

Who was responsible for the installation’s original incarnation as a Honda at the London Motor Show in 2006.

 photo IMG_7840_zpsbd046126.jpg

Using a Mercedes GP Petronas F1, driven by Michael Schumacher, the artist deconstructed the 2010 model and suspended each piece, right down to the nuts and bolts. Weighing just over 600 kg, the installation boasts an overwhelming 3,200 separate parts literally floating just off the ground.

 photo IMG_7841_zpsb8288786.jpg

This 2009 Force India is displayed for good reason, as in the team’s second year they used Mercedes-Benz F1 engine gear and gearbox. Driven by Giancarlo Fisichella, the team were rewarded with a second place in the Belgian GP in that year.

 photo IMG_7844_zps5217048c.jpg

Mika Hakkinen’s 1999 McLaren Mercedes, the car in which he won that year’s world championship. This MP4/ 14 shows the advances that F1 cars have made both methanically and aerodynamically in 15 years. This cleaner looking body is fitted with a 3.0 litre V10 capable of 800bhp @ 17, 100 rpm.

 photo IMG_7846_zps428eea79.jpg

1995 Mercedes-Benz E36 AMG (W124) was one of the first official collaborations between AMG and Mercedes-Benz. This cabriolet, with hard top is very rare, one of just 14 cabriolets of a total of 57 E36 AMG cars produced. A larger crankshaft boosted power to 272 hp from the inline six.

 photo IMG_7847_zps0c1547aa.jpg

1965 250 SE Coupe (W111) features the ‘Fins’ from the W110 ‘fintail’ saloon and was the first Mercedes-Benz to feature front disc brakes. This car originally sold in Germany was later exported to the US, wheres its front headlights were changed to the American style.

 photo IMG_7851_zps83eb6151.jpg

We’re big fans of the compact ‘Pagoda’. This 1969 larger capacity 280SL version (W13) had over 170 hp, whether fitted with manual or automation the 280 SL could sprint from 0-100 km in an impressive 9 seconds.

 photo IMG_7853_zpsbf3b9af8.jpg

The epic CLK GTR was raced in FIA GT and Le Mans in ’97 and ’98.

 photo IMG_7857_zpse1b46184.jpg

As such, MB was required to produce a number of road-going homologation specials.

 photo IMG_7855_zpsfe549641.jpg

They finally built 26 coupés and six roadsters. With no creature comforts they were a brute machine. This roadster was originally bought by the Sultan Of Brunei.

 photo IMG_7856_zpse6fdb320.jpg

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of Mercedes-Benz World. Thanks so much for reading.

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