Senna, McLaren, Concept Cars and the Greatest carpark in the World

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What does Senna, concept cars and the greatest carpark in world have in common? The answer lies in the event. As we brace ourselves for this year’s Goodwood Members Meeting, Festival of Speed and Revival, we thought we would reminisce about the great Festival of Speed that took place last year. The event was so massive that we had a whole stockpile of previously unpublished images of the carpark and paddock. Enough said, let’s relive the glory of the festival and let the magnificent machinery shine.

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The Festival of Speed is a chance for the world’s biggest motor companies to shake off the seriousness, do a bit of showing off and let their hair down. New models, like the new Mustang and NSX are launched and unveiled everywhere. The range of concept machines at the various motor stands was impressive to say the very least.

 photo IMG_8393_zpsa1555900.jpg

By far the most breath-taking was the physical version of its Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo “virtual supercar.” The futuristic concept is available as an avatar in PlayStation Gran Turismo 6 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the driving game.

 photo IMG_8396_zps25797385.jpg

Our first glimpses of LaFerrari was unforgettable. This light-weight, hybrid hyper car tips the scales at 1,255 kg. Only 499 units will be built, and each will cost more than £1 million. The green one just captured in the image is owned by Jamiroquai.

 photo IMG_9146_zps1784c973.jpg

Although the Renault Twingo is ripe for production, this TwinRun concept previews how a sportier Renaultsport version could shape up in the next year or so.

 photo IMG_9263_zpscd88a6b8.jpg

The Audi Sport quattro Laserlight Concept is reminiscent of the classic Sport quattro of 1983 while pointing towards the future – with the latest of the brand’s technologies. On board is E-tron technology with 515 kW of power and a thrifty 2.5 l/100 km fuel economy and “Back to the future” style laser headlights.

 photo IMG_9086_zpsd78be0cc.jpg

The Aston Martin DP (standing for Design Prototype) 100 is one of a number of models designed by some of the world’s most well-known car manufacturers for Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 3. Unlike Aston Martin’s existing range, which all have their engines mounted in the front of the car, the DP100 uses a mid-engine configuration for what Aston Martin says would be a twin-turbocharged V12 producing 800bhp.

 photo IMG_9042_zps2e536450.jpg

The Open-top 496bhp Volkswagen GTI Roadster was also brought to life for the Gran Turismo 6 computer game. Under the skin, a 3.0-litre V6 Biturbo engine developing 496bhp and 560Nm has been fitted. When coupled with the seven-speed DSG gearbox and 4MOTION all-wheel drive system, the GTI Roadster is capable of 0-100 in 3.6 seconds.

 photo IMG_9072_zps91e9aa47.jpg

The humble Mazda mx5 celebrated 25 years with a display of all generations of the most successful sports car.

 photo IMG_9038_zps04356a33.jpg

 photo IMG_9034_zpsc924cbb5.jpg

Which also payed respect to where the Mx5 inspiration came from.

 photo IMG_9037_zpsd2f46423.jpg

Among the throng of F1 cars, there are truly some spectacular racing machinery in the Goodwood Paddocks.

 photo IMG_9002_zps1b9671a9.jpg

 photo IMG_9001_zpse60b7ce5.jpg

From legendary Silver Arrows from a bygone age of Motorsport.

 photo IMG_8997_zpsc9381d8a.jpg

 photo IMG_8996_zpsb3119db3.jpg

To the future of the sport. This Spark Renault 2.0, from Formula E series was designed and built by Spark Racing Technologies

 photo IMG_9264_zps223d23a5.jpg

From the awesomeness that is DTM (German Touring car Masters) comes this 2006 AMG Mercedes C-Class DTM driven by Mika Hakkinen,

 photo IMG_9225_zpseb590646.jpg

This GTR GT3 was raced in the 24 hours of Nurburgring, one week prior to the Festival. GT Academy Germany Judge, Nick Heidfeld, raced the No.80 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3, numbered to celebrate Nissan’s 80th year.

 photo IMG_8398_zps510d2961.jpg

Nissan Nismo GTR- time attack Nurburgring Lap Record car- 7 mins 8 seconds and 679. Memorial car.

 photo IMG_9046_zps49f9f936.jpg

 photo IMG_8982_zps149c6211.jpg

Mad Mike was also a Festival highlight. His infamous RX-7 had just had a cosmetic refresh before being shipped to Goodwood from New Zealand. Its highly-tuned four-rotor engine roars with 530bhp. Not that outright power is the issue with a drift car: more important is the balance between power and (lack of) grip.

 photo IMG_8983_zps67fdf52a.jpg

In 1984, Niki Lauda wanted to celebrate the re-configured, and much safer, Nurburgring. So the Austrian and Mercedes organized a 12-lap race with 20 racing legends. They included: Lauda, of course, Jack Brabham, Phil Hill, James Hunt, Alan Jones, Stirling Moss, Alain Prost, Carlos Reutemann, Keke Rosberg, Jody Scheckter, John Surtees. Apparently, Emerson Fittipaldi couldn’t make it so they replaced him with some no name, Ayrton Senna. They would race in identical 190E 2.3-16s with street tires. Guess who won?

 photo IMG_9193_zps6e6dfbc0.jpg

 photo IMG_9192_zps7cd97867.jpg

In the hands of Senna, the Lotus 97T was very competitive during the season, taking 8 poles, 7 with Senna and 1 with De Angelis, and 3 wins. Senna’s first was a brilliant performance in the 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix where he won by over a minute in monsoon-like conditions. His second came in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa, held in wet/dry conditions.

 photo IMG_9188_zpsf71a64fe.jpg

In 2010 it was this machine that won the prestigious Rolex 24 At Daytona in the new team’s first ever race. This Action Express Riley- Porsche is powered by a V8 derived from the Cayenne.

 photo IMG_9187_zpsdcb32a1c.jpg

 photo IMG_9185_zps2ebe7714.jpg

This was a real hightlight for us. Seeing the mighty S1 in the flesh. Hannu Mikkola delighted rally fans by driving the Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 at the Festival of Speed.

 photo IMG_9183_zpse5a743e2.jpg

Built in 1985, this short wheelbase Audi is one of the most famous rally cars of all time.

 photo IMG_9184_zps3c768a29.jpg

 photo IMG_9182_zpsc46efd11.jpg

McLaren had one of the most impressive displays at the entrance to the Driver’s Club at Goodwood.

 photo IMG_9009_zps83b33b10.jpg

 photo IMG_9008_zps1947fe97.jpg

 photo IMG_9181_zpsee859392.jpg

The McLaren MP4/4 was a highly successful Formula 1 car that competed in the 1988 Formula One season. It was designed by American engineer Steve Nichols, with assistance from Gordon Murray. Nichols and Murray based the design on the lowline Brabham BT55, designed by Murray for the 1986 season when Murray was chief designer at Brabham.

 photo IMG_9180_zps95eb782c.jpg

It is one of the most dominant Formula One cars ever built, winning all but one race and claiming all but one pole position in the 1988 season.

 photo IMG_9179_zpsa6f0a89e.jpg

The P1 debuted at Geneva in 2013. This Amethyst Black P1 condenamed PP3 was one of a small number of cars built for development tests and has been featured on numerous cover pages and was driven by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear.

 photo IMG_9177_zps02702736.jpg

The 650S GT3 is the latest generation track-focused racer from McLaren GT, designed and optimised to contest GT3 championships this year.

 photo IMG_9175_zpsf9490a1b.jpg

This is the McLaren M7C the final development on the successful M7 family of Grand Prix cars that claimed three podiums in the 1969 F1 season.

 photo IMG_9173_zps9ed58fd2.jpg

One of the most formidable racing Jaguars is the ‘Quaker State’ Jaguar V12 E-type driven in the states to many victories by Bob Tullius. Most notable is the 1975 SCCA Road Atlanta Championship. Today, the Group 44 Inc. championship-winning E-type—chassis number UE1S/24250—properly resides at the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust on Browns Lane in Coventry.

 photo IMG_9137_zps5f79f598.jpg

Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) close relationship with Jaguar, was cemented in 1982 with the successful entry of the Jaguar XJ-S into the European Touring Car Championship, chalking up a number of wins that year.

 photo IMG_9136_zps38541db0.jpg

 photo IMG_9112_zpsb784b5ee.jpg

Originally built to Cologne specification in 1973 by Broadspeed for Ford Motor Co. Ltd, this Ford Capri was first driven in the Kent-Castrol Belgium Touring Championships where, powered by a 3.0-litre Westlake V6 engine, it won convincingly. It returned to England to compete in the Tourist Trophy Meeting the same year, driven by legendary touring car racer Andy Rouse, before being sold to Bo Emanuelsson who won the 1974 Swedish Championship. In 1975 it was rebuilt by Ford Cologne with a Ford-Cosworth 24-valve V6 engine developing 460hp at 8,750rpm. Emanuelsson won across Europe with the car and was even faster than Jochen Mass at the fearsome Nurburgring.

 photo IMG_9110_zpsfb1e3d23.jpg

Goodwood delivered us some Aussie heroes too.

 photo IMG_9109_zps617b956f.jpg

After the fallout with Holden, Brock had moved to the BMW camp but that was short lived. 1989 saw Peter Brock team up with Andy Rouse in a Ford Sierra. After starting from pole position in the Tooheys 1000, it all turned bad at the 1st pit stop when a rear hub problem ended what looked like a very strong challenge.

 photo IMG_9108_zpsba24aff1.jpg

 photo IMG_9107_zps8d4623ea.jpg

 photo IMG_9104_zps0a90d87c.jpg

This is car is among the first Lancia Delta S4’s ever built for rally under Group B Specifications.

 photo IMG_9102_zps122a822c.jpg

Chassis 205, car number 1 was one of the very first raced. The car debuted at the Algarve Rally; a round of the Portuguese national championship. Markku Alén lead early on but was eventually forced to retire with mechanical issues. The car was not raced again, although it did serve as a test and development car.

 photo IMG_9101_zps5ddf74e6.jpg

Only at Goodwood do RS200 Fords appear ordinary.

 photo IMG_9100_zps10d77390.jpg

 photo IMG_9099_zpsee1633ec.jpg

 photo IMG_9098_zps482b47f5.jpg

 photo IMG_9074_zps720ad209.jpg

 photo IMG_9070_zps5c40226a.jpg

 photo IMG_9069_zps49688e1c.jpg

 photo IMG_8990_zpse49591ef.jpg

Just two weeks prior to the Festival, the LeMans 24 hour took place. The winning car complete with Le Mans race grime was on display, the Audi R18 e-tron quattro, powered by a Audi TDI 4.0 L Turbo V6 (Diesel). The No. 2 Audi, driven by Marcel Fässler, Benoît Tréluyer, and André Lotterer, was able to maintain the race lead without any major trouble, taking the trio’s third race win in four years, and Audi’s thirteenth overall.

 photo IMG_8984_zps8f245d00.jpg

This is the fifth place Jota Sport driven by an all British team. It achieved 1st place in the LMP2 class.

 photo IMG_8988_zpsd1b979b5.jpg

 photo IMG_8986_zps9758ae3a.jpg

 photo IMG_8985_zps44c44b78.jpg

 photo IMG_8980_zps4c845601.jpg

This is the 1987 Porsche 962-008 1987 Rothmans #17. It was the Last works 962 built and the World championship winning car. In the hands of Derek Bell and Hans Stuck in achieved a podium place in every finished race in the 1987 season. Its early success includes a 2nd at Jarama & Monza, and 3rd Jerez & Silverston.

 photo IMG_8978_zpsd8f27c6a.jpg

1971 Gulf Porsche 917K that competed in the 24 Hours of Lemans in 1971. It finished in 2nd Place driven by Muller and Attwood.

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We hope you have enjoyed our retrospective look at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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Thanks so much for reading.

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We will be shortly be covering the recent Race Retro show on Driven Threads. Watch this space.

As a blog post title eludes, as a footnote, the carpark at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is pretty epic too.

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