The finish line of the most beautiful road race; Mille Miglia

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Enzo Ferrari was not lying when he said that the Mille Miglia is the most beautiful road race in the world. A Thousand Miles. Amazing cars. In a breath-taking country. What else could you possibly want?

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The original Mille Miglia was run in Italy 24 times from 1927 to 1957, with a break during the war years.

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A lack of safety resulting in two fatal crashes ended the original Mille in 1957. This year was the 31st re-enactment of the modern ‘time trial’ Mille Miglia.

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The race as it is to day was first run in 1977 as a time trial exclusively for classic and vintage cars. To participate your entry needs to be produced no later than 1957 and be of a car type that would have completed in the original event. This year’s route was similar to the that of the orignal race, a round trip from Brescia to Rome.

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Priceless, rare and exclusive. The Mille Miglia attracts the best Alfa Romeo’s, Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s, BMW’s, Porche’s, and Maserati’s in the world.

 photo Mille10_zpsxcotoyn3.jpg

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All Mille Miglia cars tell a unique story, many have a competition history and many have actually competed in the original Mille. Many have Grand Prix histories, many have had famous owners. Many are conservatively worth a couple of million.

 photo Mille23_zpsfb9r4tzy.jpg

This 6 cylinder Riley MPH, is the prototype of only 15 cars produced.

 photo Mille36_zpsuptnusrk.jpg

We caught the cars as they came through the finish line in Brescia and basked in the amazing glory of the cars and in the celebrations of the event’s conclusion.

 photo Mille20_zps7ccjbdfw.jpg

 photo Mille19_zpsbwpiiq3o.jpg

You get the impression that the whole of Italy is behind this brilliant event. It felt like everyone was joining in on the celebrations. Huge crowds saw the cars across the finish line and the event was very well supported throughout its four days of competition.

 photo Mille14_zpsqiaotpcm.jpg

The Police were hugely appreciated and respected for their work in clearing traffic to allow the event to run on public roads.

 photo Mille4_zpsoivdiiwb.jpg

Fittingly they took part in the finale.

 photo Police_zpsespoihug.jpg

Such is the calibre of this event, its not difficult to spot a celebrity. You don’t get a bigger motoring legend, than Sir Stirling. It was spine tingling to witness Sir Stirling Moss pilot his famous 722, the car that he won the Mille Miglia in 60 years ago.

 photo Sir Stirling _zpsy4jjmqqh.jpg

To the delight of the crowds, he later waved the chequered flag for thrilled participants. Memories of his famous victory on these streets so long ago, certainly not far from his mind.

 photo Mille8_zps2pxxo61m.jpg

Ralph Schumacher behind the wheel of yet another priceless Benz.

 photo Ralph_zpsjhkloc97.jpg

Jodie Kidd and David Gandy bring home their elegant Jaguar XK120.

 photo jodie_zpsn1gt5qdy.jpg

LeMans legend Derek Bell behind the wheel of a gorgeous C type Jaguar.

 photo derek_zpsv0mimojg.jpg

Singer Example with his Dad in this beautiful XK140.

 photo Example_zpss03j98sz.jpg

The Mille Miglia wasn’t all about motoring legends from last century. A couple of young gun groupies also stole the show at the finale. This year the Ferrari Tribute saw 130 Ferrari’s built between 1958 and today lead the competition cars.

 photo Fez_zpseto2phwh.jpg

After the Ferrari onslaught, the street was filled with modern Mercedes of all descriptions.

 photo Merces_zpslrtpgm3d.jpg

Including many of the new limited edition SL roadster to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 300 SL victory in the production sports cars class at the 1955 Miglia.

 photo Mercs_zpsvnalzz4k.jpg

And there were plenty of 300 SL Gullwings. In fact we don’t think we have seen so many at a single event.

 photo Mille27_zpsqrmg0ysz.jpg

 photo Mille32_zps1g4jn4dg.jpg

A trio of BMW 328’s approach the finish line.

 photo Mille7_zpsnthkay4u.jpg

 photo Mille35_zpsv1mhcyxs.jpg

Many driver’s also got into the period spirit matching the authenticity of their cars.

 photo Mille28_zpsbcfh42ea.jpg

 photo Mille13_zpsu6kirtgx.jpg

 photo Mille22_zpsuay8cchq.jpg

 photo Riley5_zps6tmfjp8m.jpg

It was great to see sports cars being used as they were intended.

 photo Mille9_zpsf5n4ws6k.jpg

Jaguar Heritage had a strong presence, with many XK, C types and D types participating.

 photo Mille6_zpsppylqbls.jpg

 photo Mille5_zpsb64uq50k.jpg

A range of classic cars produced later than 1957 were used as Support Vehicles. This Alfa below was actually a spectators car.

 photo Mille2_zpsqzy0slrx.jpg

After the parade the streets of Brescia, brimmed with millions of dollars of classic car madness.

 photo Mille15_zpsktkzsgas.jpg

People on the street. Stunning cars everywhere. It was automotive chaos. In an Italian way.

 photo Mille29_zpshvshn3ze.jpg

 photo Mille30_zpsekabfwxf.jpg

A handful of cars parked up in the main streets of Brescia, to continue in the celebrations. The grand old city of Brescia forming a fitting backdrop to the conclusion of the most beautiful road race in the world.

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We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Mille Miglia. We’ve got loads more on this breath-taking event coming up. Watch this space.

Thanks so much for reading and for your continued support.


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