Cannes and Monaco…home of automotive glitz and glamour

 photo MonacoGP_zpsvohysyvm.jpg

Cannes and Monaco, two very different places that share one thing; Automotive glitz and glamour. First up we have Cannes, prime beach real estate on the French Riveria. But in May every year, it’s the location of the most famous film festival in the world.

 photo Cannes_zpsigxajfpq.jpg

Hotel Martinez is where a lot of the big name A-list celebrities choose to stay.

 photo Cannes2_zpsqrzi5jk9.jpg

As the rich and famous sailed into Cannes` illustrious shores, we were there with camera at the ready to shoot some of the fine and flashy exotic automobiles being flaunted. Here’s one Porsche that stood out from the crowd with its eye catching artwork.

 photo Porsche_zpsxwtkpoyb.jpg

Signed by the artist. This unique Porsche 911 has been meticulously crafted by Saudi artist Shalimar Sharbatly, “Shalemar” being her signature. What’s your opinion? We dig it!

 photo Porsche2_zpszbqt1iqr.jpg

A stones throw away from the Hotel, we spotted something even more impressive hiding away from prying eyes.

 photo Sneak Peek_zpsteblhp0b.jpg

There it was.

 photo Lambo edited_zpslralxse8.jpg

Obviously taking a closer look was a given. It simply had to be done.

 photo Lambo2_zpsdg83lngd.jpg

What a body! Seeing a LB Works LP700-4 Lamborghini Aventador was a huge thrill.

 photo That body_zpsycenhfwn.jpg

Masterfully styled by designer Kato and his LB Bodyworks crew in Nagoya, Japan, this Lambo is exquitiely modified featuring the most suitably-styled set of overfenders and various other aerodynamic accents.

 photo Rear view_zps2tuebfqx.jpg

This is a car that’s tastefully outrageous but not in any way over the top.

 photo Lambo Mirror Detailing_zpscyv34ae2.jpg

The deep concave, split spoke 20 inch Forgiato’s Maglia ECL wheels suit the car perfectly swallowing the aggressive arches.

 photo Side details_zpsderyb1id.jpg

On to Monaco. Attending a Monaco Grand Prix is a childhood dream. It’s a fairy tale track.

 photo Monaco_zpsiijguydv.jpg

This epic location is unrivalled throughout the Formula one calendar.

 photo Monaco3_zpsdcrjmvxv.jpg

The tight, narrow twisties, the iconic hair pin, swimming pool and tunnel are the stuff of legends.

 photo GP_zpsea1v5w8q.jpg

Each year new legends and stories are created here. While Lewis Hamilton may have qualified in first position, this wasn’t how the race unfolded for him.

 photo Podium position_zpsp0ptkrd2.jpg

That safety car decision will remain the game changer in the story of the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix.

 photo Gp2_zpszyspowur.jpg

To pit or not to pit? Will remain the question.

 photo GP3_zpskg7ydpjf.jpg

While our patriotism was rewarded when our favourite driver Ricciardo worked hard in the final laps and showed great teamwork. He should have been smiling after the race as he was before.

 photo Monaco2_zpskpq1rlph.jpg

To add to the magic of Monaco, after each days racing, the circuit is transformed back into its normal public road status.

 photo Monaco ferrrari_zpsmi56y3rr.jpg

Normality returns and regular punters are parked up in front of the casino.

 photo Monaco casino_zpsiovmd0jn.jpg

Being open to traffic also allows for fans to walk the circuit to full appreciate and understand the technique and skill required to tame it. It’s also when Monaco’s residents come out to play.

 photo mclaren monaco_zpsnwu9uwjc.jpg

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage from Cannes and Monaco. Thanks so much for reading and for your continued support. Loads more on the way. Watch this space.

 photo Monaco car_zps3qogbnmy.jpg


 photo Monaco4_zpsqyhacpm3.jpg

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