Defying Convention: Europe Street Cars- Volume Two

 photo Audi in London_zpsc2w52lqh.jpg

We love it when we see a ride that defies convention. A car that is unique. A car that stands out from the ever conforming crowd. One of our favourite past times in Europe is car spotting. You never know what you are going to find in the narrow cobble stone alleyways or country laneways or tucked away on quiet suburban streets. Following on from last year’s instalment of the random cars that we have come across, we now proudly present Europe Street Cars Volume 2.

 photo Porsche workshop_zps8wdvxtdf.jpg

Vintage goodness in Motion. First up we have this well kitted Morris Minor motoring through the vast and rugged high country in Snowdonia, Wales. With that sway bar and lowered suspension, this Minor looks to be a great handler on the Welsh twisties.

 photo Minor_zpshmq2zaew.jpg

The innovator of art and culture, London is a city bursting with culture and the imagination. As such, the UK’s bustling centre stage is best described as automotive playground. This 911 captured outside a Porsche specialist workshop in Southwark, created a lot of Facebook interest. Those organic 911 lines are set off perfectly by the industrial background.

 photo Porsche in London_zpseyv7w59t.jpg

and in this 964 the lines also hold their perfect form.

 photo Porsche in London 2_zps0gm3z5mm.jpg

Around London Bridge, you often see cars of calibre cruising the congested Zone 1 streets.

 photo Lamborghini_zpspfrisljk.jpg

The same applies for the West London areas like Chelsea and Kensington.

 photo Aston Martin in London_zpsexx5hpzn.jpg

Where this Maserati was also parked up with some equally exclusive company.

 photo Kensington- high flyer cars_zpsrt2qvjg1.jpg

This S2000 was sitting pretty in East London, a stone’s throw away from the Olympic city Stratford.

 photo Honda S2000 in London_zps1vnb1an4.jpg

As was this practical Subaru wagon with subtle dual exhaust integration.

 photo Subaru in England_zpstxazuvog.jpg

Benz Coupes old and new adorn the capital’s iconic streets.

 photo Merecedes in London_zpsvncewpt2.jpg

 photo 280SL in London_zpsxtfqte3e.jpg

 photo SLR Merc_zpsman41hhj.jpg

American Evolution. Not far from the famous Brooklands circuit, these two American brutes were captured.

 photo American in Chichester_zpsyloo3fnq.jpg

While this perky Lotus 7 was parked up in Chichester. Around the time of last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

 photo Lotus _zpsxv8to4vw.jpg

The Senna inspired NSX spotted in Coventry.

 photo _MG_9446_zpsrfxa0uoy.jpg

A very cool splitty Combi Spotted on the Isle of Wight. The perfect choice for a road trip from the mainland.

 photo Isle of Wight- Kombi_zpshlax4dfc.jpg

While this Riley was performing wedding duties in the majestic university city of Cambridge.

 photo Riley_zpsl8pjpn37.jpg

Away from the UK now, we head to the continent. First stop Berlin. It’s combination of glamour and grit is bound to excite any newcomer to the German capital. A city with so much history, it also features many cars that defy convention.

 photo Porsche in Berlin_zpsuxzopshb.jpg

Loved or loathed? The story of the Trabant is closely related to the history of the former GDR. We came across many on display and on the road all over the busy streets of Berlin.

 photo Trabant on a pole in Berlin_zps2flbjuio.jpg

There is something pretty cool about this Communist commuter. Duroplant construction and powered by a two-stroke that maxed out at an head turning 18 hp, the Trabant was produced by former East German auto maker VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in Zwickau, Saxony.

 photo Trabant in Berlin_zpssysdj4lw.jpg

Unexpectedly, this Peugeot 404 was on Taxi duty near the Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz.

 photo Peugeot in Berlin_zpssqp9xy5z.jpg

A stones throw away from Berlin, Dresden is the home of the VW Transparent Factory. Here the VW’s luxury contender the Phaeton is produced.

 photo VW in Dresden building_zpsfdavnuek.jpg

I’ts 3-storey collection tower houses a life-size simulator where you can take a virtual test drive in front of a cinema sized screen after you have watched your car being assembled.

 photo VW in Dresden_zpsnkzahw1q.jpg

Not the fastest, most equipped and definitely not the most masculine cars out there. But those cute looks get us every time. This feisty Fiat 500 was captured in Genoa, Italy.

 photo Fiat 500 in Italy_zpszg4kzaaw.jpg

You never know what you’ll find in Milan.

 photo Kombi in Milan_zpsm9em3pq8.jpg

This Lotus Evora was tucked out of Italian heat.

 photo Lotus_zpsjnuz5qcl.jpg

 photo Prague American_zpsamf6fh5m.jpg

Besides the Hellenic Motor Musuem, we can’t say we saw much street action in Athens. Except for this Alfa, looking in need of a touch of TLC.

 photo Alfa in Athens_zpshlplpwz4.jpg

Prague, one of the jewels in the crown of Eastern Europe delivered this awesome beetle. This is tasteful modification.

 photo Spotted_zpslkeuhekc.jpg

Subtle modifications were also the winning with this VW Polo, spotted in Bodrum, Turkey.

 photo VW Polo in Bodrum Turkey_zpse1hwjlod.jpg

With Bresica’s population swelling during the Mille Miglia, this Morgan was the perfect backdrop for diners at this busy Bistro.

 photo Morgan in Brescia_zpszsvda27i.jpg

This well used Lancia Fulvia was discovered on the outer surburban streets of Brescia.

 photo Lancia_zpsd2pvqfnj.jpg

There are no prizes for guessing where this photograph was taken. Captured at the Port of the Medieval town of Dinan.

 photo Citroen on the sail boats_zpsbrbpuz1x.jpg

France also gave us this Vintage motor in motion.

 photo France_zpstuproucb.jpg

Finally we leave you with one of our favourites.  This very fine 2002 BMW spotted in Odense, Denmark. With its gleaming bodywork, perfect spit-spoke wheels it’s the epitome of defying convention.

 photo winning_zpsdoftyvp7.jpg

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage. Thanks so much for reading and for your continued support. Much more coming up. Watch this space.


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