Audi Obsessed: Simon and his B4’s

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One of the joys of travelling is meeting new people, who share a similar interest and a passion for their cars.

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A stone’s throw away from Salzburg, in the Bavarian foothills lives an Audi-obsessed musician with an ever-expanding collection of B4’s.

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Simon proudly states he drives different Audi’s depending on the season. His current tally is 6 nineties Audi’s, all in various states of condition. One (the gun-metal grey wagon) is primarily used as a parts cars.

 photo _MG_8985_zpsc9l4ps35.jpg

 photo _MG_8982_zpsezoljo4y.jpg

With so many cars for one person, three of his collection currently reside is a tent awaiting their future use.

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Simon’s current daily stead is a S2 Coupe. Audi developed the S2 in 1990, which featured the bullet-proof 2.2-litre in-line five-cylinder 20-valve turbo. Simon’s S2 comes with standard quattro permanent four-wheel drive, and features a 5-speed manual transmission.

 photo _MG_8980_zpshpnv3hab.jpg

With daily grime and patina, Simon’s coupe has the tell-tale signs of a true workhorse. The five spoke AVUS wheels suit the clean lines and no-fuss bodywork.

 photo _MG_8970_zpsg81k7xhj.jpg

 photo _MG_8989_zpsnitlpji4.jpg

Simon’s latest and very recent acquisition is this B4 cabriolet, which was discovered in Cologne. The cabriolet was patiently nursed back to Bavaria, a total journey of 700km with a discharging battery. Now that’s dedication!

 photo _MG_8995_zps9yfepcwk.jpg

The Cabriolet is sitting on lowered springs with a few mods from its previous owner. Obviously this is going to be Simon’s future summer machine. Interestingly, the Cabriolet was the company’s first soft-top since the Auto Union 1000 Sp of 1959.

 photo _MG_8975_zpsm5eh9k5h.jpg

We would like to thank Simon (and his friend Rupert) for  allowing us to view his Audi’s. If you are an early Audi fan, like Simon, we’d love to feature your cars on the blog too. Find out how to get involved here.

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