Our second rendezvous to Goodwood Festival of Speed

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We just had to return to Goodwood.

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It was a no-brainer.

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Again all the joyous noise and magic of Goodwood that makes it so authentic, came to life on the iconic Hillclimb.

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Formula One cars took to the track along with Group C legends and a host of other impressive classes.

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Famous rally liveries were seen dicing with the chalky terrain of the rally stage.

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Legends, old and new came out to play.

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On the eve of this year’s Goodwood Revival, we look back at the FOS which took place in Summer.

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The now famous hillclimb running past Goodwood House, in West Sussex once again became a Mecca of motorsport.

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As we explained last year, this event is far more than the hillclimb, this is a party for some of the biggest drivers and the best cars.

 photo _MG_6717_zpskh4nkbpk.jpg

We have a stockpile of previously unpublished images of all facets of this great event, which will all be published in good time.

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So let’s get the ball rolling…and relive the brilliant Festival of Speed.

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This year’s theme Flat Out And Fearless: Racing On The Edge, shone the spotlight on epic drivers, cars and events from around the world. And there is no bigger star than Sir Stirling Moss, as seen piloting a priceless W196 Benz.

 photo _MG_6125_zpsbgv1svbh.jpg

Seeing this machine up close is one of life’s dreams coming true. The famous ‘722 is the 300 SL-R driven by Stirling Moss to victory in the 1955 Mille Miglia, co-driven by journalist Denis Jenkinson. As the race number suggests, they started at 7:22 in Brescia and returned in 10 hours 7 minutes and 48 seconds later having set a record 97.94mph average.

 photo _MG_5071_zpsgwd3jxbr.jpg

Another thrill of FOS was witnessing Valentino Rossi, literally riding straight into the house. His humble and effervescent personality shinning during his balcony interview.

 photo _MG_6414_zps3oovkvye.jpg

Just like last year, the central feature dominated the skyline. Twisting and twirling 40 metres towards the sky sit rather precariously Mazda’s legendary rotary-engined 787B Le Mans racer, and the LM55 Gran Turismo Vision concept.

 photo _MG_4903_zpsfuvgn8py.jpg

It was also the Mazda’s on the ground that impressed us.

 photo _MG_5118_zpsaetbowxv.jpg

Most celebrated is Mazda’s Le Mans win in 1991 with the 787B. Also on show at FOS, was the 757 from 1986, a pair of 767Bs from ’89 and a 1990 787.

 photo _MG_5221_zpstte0gcdk.jpg

 photo _MG_5091_zpsvzk2gkhp.jpg

This Rx7 was possibly the nosiest car in the entire field. Tom Walkinshaw oversaw the European RX-7 programme from 1979. Along with Pierre Dieudonné he won the Spa 24 Hours in 1981. TWR also scooped up the British Saloon Car Championship, winning in both ’80 and ’81.

 photo _MG_5087_zps9dicu6z9.jpg

This Alfa Romeo TZ2 from 1967, is just one of the fascinating cars at Goodwood. After being a factory team car, it ran in the 1969 Targa Florio and in 2009 won at Pebble Beach Concours.

 photo _MG_6475_zpsdifa3moi.jpg

One of our favourite categories this year was ‘Fearless by Flat-Broke’ which featured this March-Cosworth 2-4-0 from 1976. This car never started a Grand Prix, but that rear wheel traction was successful in hillclimbs.

 photo _MG_6284_zpsvzwkivc7.jpg

The tradition continues, the 2015 Le Mans winning Porsche hits the Goodwood Hillclimb.

 photo _MG_6122_zpswgpsurk9.jpg

Aussie Multi-Moto GP champion Casey Stoner entertains the crowd.

 photo _MG_6093_zpsy8onbdb4.jpg

We couldn’t resist snapping this crime-fighting McLaren.

 photo _MG_6030_zpsgtrrklfo.jpg

The exhilarating sight and sound of the FXX K in action was hard to beat. The FXX K’s naturally aspirated V-12 makes 848 horsepower, while 187 electric ponies arrive courtesy of Ferrari’s HY-KERS kinetic-energy recovery system. Total system output is 1036 horses. Not too shabby indeed.

 photo _MG_5914_zpsy8sqajmv.jpg

One shock for many was the sight of Patrick Friesacher’s Toyota Camry NASCAR smokeout bursts into flames. The car kept on moving and the fire quickly died down.

 photo _MG_6497_zps47hhgn8a.jpg

Ford brings out RS legends to celebrate new Focus RS.

 photo _MG_5882_zpsbzkf4pjr.jpg

This 240T European Touring Car Championship car claimed victory at Zolder in 1984. Volvo went on to claim the ETCC and DTM championship in 1985.

 photo _MG_5755_zpsc4xskxcm.jpg

For the first time in the UK, Richard Petty is reunited with his famous Plymouth Superbird.

 photo _MG_5727_zpsm1mcbbzv.jpg

Mad Mike was back smoking it up in the Rx7.

 photo _MG_5715_zpsts6ricbh.jpg

Just like Mad Mike, Hoonigan’s Ken Block was a thrill for the crowd. Seeing this Youtube sensation in reality was inspiring.

 photo _MG_5514_zpsjdo5x4wo.jpg

The all-wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang notchback with its Roush Yates 410 V8 teared it on the track.

 photo _MG_5711_zpsgzv3kckg.jpg

The actual Mx5 launch car which was exhibited at the Chicago Auto show in 1989.

 photo _MG_5604_zps13xddtsm.jpg

Steve McQueen cars featured in the Driver’s club.

 photo _MG_5548_zps3jwuiotu.jpg

Auto Union in motion.

 photo _MG_5475_zpsl1bvfkix.jpg

This 1957 Maserati 250F was driven by a 46 year old Fangio in the German Grand Prix. He responded to a long pit stop by breaking his own lap record repeatedly to win in this car.

 photo _MG_5471_zpsuuoixhsa.jpg

The Forest Rally Stage again featured a formidable line up of rally stars and cars. The famous 555, 1996 Impreza originally driven by the late Colin McRae.

 photo _MG_5433_zpsaind5ha8.jpg

Didier Auriol won the 1995 Tour de Corse but shortly after the team and car were banned for using an illegal turbo in 1996. The European title came for Armin Schwarz, by the GT4 ST 205 never matched the success of its predecessor.

 photo _MG_5326_zpsrfdpjhsb.jpg

This Ford Sierra RS Cosworth claimed victory at the 1988 Tour de Corse in the capable hands of Didier Auriol.

 photo _MG_5298_zpsfjchowej.jpg

This ultra-light and powerful 917K gave Porsche its first Le Mans win in 1970. Then in 1971 it won again in number 22, Helmut Marko and Gijs van Lennep setting a distance record of 5333km that stood for 39 years in the process.

 photo _MG_5128_zpsq2muzcde.jpg

This Porsche 935 finished 2nd at Le Mans in 1979 driven by Paul Newman, Dick Barbour and Rolf Stommelen, and went on to score wins at Daytona in 1981 and Sebring in 1983.

 photo _MG_5215_zpskmt01xc4.jpg

The Derek Bell Celebration class consisted of a full field of cars driven by the diverse and talented driver. He drove this 917K to 246mph on the Mulsanne straight during testing, but unfortunately retired during the race.

 photo _MG_5206_zpslbnowgoh.jpg

Brothers in arms are the 962C and 956 Porsche. In the 962 Bell had his last of five Le Mans wins in 1987, 20 laps of the second placed car. The 956 gave Bell his third win at Le Mans in 1982 in a 1-2-3 for Rothmans Porsche.

 photo _MG_5121_zpsuoko1tgq.jpg

Mercedes MGP W04 was successful in three races in the 2013 season, the last to feature the 2.4 V8s. Mercedes has now gone on to utterly dominate the new turbo era.

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We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Rest assured, we have loads more from this event that we can’t wait to share with you.

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More coming soon. Watch this space.

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