Classics overtake Phillip Island

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The Phillip Island Classic is a not to be missed event on the Australian Motorsport sport calendar.

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With a record number of entries and non-stop action packed racing, the event seemed to feel bigger than ever.

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Overcast conditions for most of the weekend allowed for mostly cool temperatures. Unfortunately a lot of the races were cut short or suspended due to on-track incidents. That’s racing.

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This 1985 Lola THL1-F1 unfortunately careered off Gardner straight and proceeded to hit the tyre barrier. This car was once raced (rather unsuccessfully) by Alan Jones. Without a doubt it will be back on the track asap.

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The Group A cars as usual put on a show. #12 is the 1983 Jaguar XJ-S driven by Tony Pallas from New South Wales. The number of Interstate cars competing in this event is ever increasing. As is the interest from overseas competitors.

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Jim Richards patron of this year’s event piloted his Championship winning JPS 635 CSi BMW, along with a host of familiar Group A machinery

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Only at Phillip Island would you see a 1979 BMW M1 Procar. From Queensland this masterpiece is from the Bowden collection and was driven by Christopher and Ecurie Bowden.

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After a painstaking restoration, this famous M1 is now back to its original 1979/1980 Japanese Group 4 configuration. With an extensive race history and success in Japan it was a thrill to see it competing.

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The glorious shape of this Porsche 906 from 1966 captured our lens immediately. The Porsche 906 was the last street-legal racing car from Porsche. Released in January 1966 and 50 examples were produced.

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SCCA E Production 1958 Kilpatrick Porsche Speedster. Amazingly this car has raced 33 straight years in SCCA racing and 55,000 race miles in America. Recently its been a fixture in International motoring events with Ernie Nagamatsu behind the wheel.

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One of our favourites was this Semi-lightweight series one 3.8 litre Jaguar E-type campaigned by Rhea Sautter. With a comprehensive race history in America and endurance race history in Europe it was wonderful to see on the Phillip Island circuit.

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Close racing was seen in most of the categories with some exciting battles throughout the field.

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Two regularity divisions also featured with an amazing array of cars competing from the 1920’s to the 2000’s.

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The countdown has just started for the Phillip Island classic’s return in 2017.

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Thanks so much for reading.

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Watch this space.


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