Historic Winton is vintage car heaven

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Historic Winton is our favourite historic motorsport event on the calendar. As you can see, we are staunch supporters of this stellar event…check out our coverage of the event in 2012, 2016 and 2017.

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This event has etched a place in Australia’s Motorsport History as one of the longest running events. Whilst this event is the 42nd year, no years are ever the same.

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There’s always a reason to come back.

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Like ever year, it was brilliantly organised by the Austin Seven Club in conjunction with the Historic Motorcycle Racing Association of Victoria. Full credit goes to both clubs and their army of volunteers for co-ordinating and managing this special event.

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It’s hard to believe that some of the cars competing in Regularity Two are approaching 90 (and some 100) plus years old. Their brisk performance is a credit to their fearlessly passionate owners who cherish them, but, most importantly continue to use them for their intended purpose.

 photo _MG_9829_zps4ddzx8my.jpg

The regularity events provide owners of stunning Pre-War machinery to test their car’s limits in a non-racing event. What a treat to see a Type 35 Bugatti where is belongs…the race track.

 photo _MG_9873_zpswfhfmbid.jpg

The sheer physicality of driving these Pre-War car is a great spectacle. Why do gym, when you can Pre-War race?

 photo _MG_9863_zps8crrlzoo.jpg

Like last year, it was a pleasure to see this reflecting beauty a 1923 Aston Martin, one of the oldest worldwide. Check out last year’s event for more information on this fine specimen.

 photo _MG_9835_zpsytcuzw4v.jpg

Groups J & K featured a diverse field of American and European Pre-War cars from pre-1930 to the end of 1940.

 photo _MG_9988_zpsmbwy0lts.jpg

 photo BUGATTI_zps2xkignaq.jpg

This 1939 Oldsmobile Special from South Australia drew our attention with its crisp engine note and its eye-catching livery. The red drilled-out chassis the perfect look in a period racer.

 photo _MG_9814_zpscgsuu2lo.jpg

Equally as impressive was the well-campaigned 1938 Hartwig Fargo. What a brilliant name for a proper automobile!

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 photo _MG_9996_zps92ccmxsj.jpg

BRG beauty 1939 Plymouth Tourer from South Australia.

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In Group LB Sports and Racing, the streamlined 1958 MG Regah Special was one of our favourites in brilliant red.

 photo _MG_9796_zpsjvcnhzoh.jpg

In separate classes, within Group Lb Sports and Racing was the gorgeous Ausca Zephsca and Allard J2X.

 photo _MG_9969_zpsv0e4qq9h.jpg

 photo _MG_9966_zps5a64s9vw.jpg

The purposeful MG TC Special of Fred Brock.

 photo _MG_9965_zpsbexe1gij.jpg

Colin Chapman would have approved of the rakish polished alloy body of the 1958 Slotus Special. Rumour has it that this car was stored in an antique dealer’s shed for nearly 20 years before a thorough restoration.

 photo _MG_9948_zpsslzsiznc.jpg

 photo _MG_9938_zpsyljyu5a4.jpg

 photo _MG_9932_zpsdx4oggix.jpg

Group N comprising saloon and touring cars from 1965-1973 is the main draw card for many of the muscle car enthusiasts that attend this event. Thrills and spills are what Group N is all about. The brute-like 1969 Mustang of Joe Calleja experiences an ‘interesting’ moment.

 photo _MG_9936updated_zps2upiajy7.jpg

 photo _MG_9933_zpsjxbocogk.jpg

The orange sun setting on the Saturday’s race provided the perfect backdrop for this track action.

 photo _MG_9928_zpsd6oqkyi1.jpg

The beautifully prepared Torana XU1 of Pete Melick.

 photo _MG_9923_zpsyhvew5f7.jpg

 photo _MG_9916_zpsr9en2qv5.jpg

Minis always do well at Winton with its tight twisty curves. The competitive ’64 Cooper S of Adrian Read looked right at home on the Winton twisties. Jason Armstrong’s 1964 Morris Cooper S was the overall class winner.

 photo _MG_9912_zpsbndvscc0.jpg

As has been in recent years, the Mustang of Darryl Hansen had a great battle with Camaro of Tony Hubbard. The tough Mustang was stronger with victory in three out of four duels.

 photo _MG_9909_zps3hm46v5o.jpg

 photo _MG_9908_zpsotk4osbk.jpg

Group S was also a lively and action-packed affair.

 photo _MG_9893_zpsckmdgj7m.jpg

Always great to see the swoopy and elegant lines of the Datsun 240Z on track.

 photo _MG_9827_zps8xkll1lt.jpg

The well-executed Z of Hung Do has an off-track excursion.

 photo _MG_9892_zpskvsatkwr.jpg

The 1975 Lotus Seven S4 of Michael Byrne was seriously impressive in this field. Lap after lap of consistency and pace lead to an often easy victory. Punching above its weight literally with lap times hovering around the 1:07 mark.

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We hope we have convinced you that Historic Winton really is…

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Vintage car heaven.

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