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‘Car people are driven…they are true enthusiasts.’

They are motivated by the sight, the smell, the speed, the feel and the joy. At Driven Threads we are car people. We are thoroughly passionate and addicted to cars. Just like you. The dedication and drive of our readers and subscribers equally inspires us too. We want to post about you and your car or your event here.

If you’ve got a car story that belongs here, then we would love to hear from you. If you’ve got a car either modified or stock, daily driven, show or racing, that you would like to share, let us know about it. If you’ve got an exciting car project, tell us about it. We’re listening.


We need jpeg images of your stock, or modified car. Old or new. The photos need to be at least 960 pixels in width and without a watermark. You will be credited as the photographer of the image/s.


1. Email your photos with some details about your car to

2. Let us also know what you have done to your car and what motivates you to own and drive it.

Are you Driven?


Driven Threads- Established 2012

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