New Zealand Punches above its weight

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With its twisty state highways, one way bridges and breathtaking scenery, its no secret that New Zealand offers some of the best driving roads in the world. But did you know the land of the long white cloud also punches above its weight in sightings of classic metal.

First up, from the small French settlement of Akaroa (a stone’s throw from Christchurch) delivered us this zesty Mustang.

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Mustang’s proved a popular choice for New Zealand’s well-maintained and at times vacant motorways.

 photo _MG_7169_zpsd6zwycb3.jpg

This Coupe spotted in Wanaka, was also an attention seeker.

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Amidst the new construction and funky street art rising from the derelict and destruction (as a result of the 2011 Earthquake), automotive gold was to be found in Christchurch. This tasteful cut and shut, double-fronted beetle is owned by none of other than Christchurch’s resident Wizard.

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Unique is an understatement. The VW is a familiar sight parked on New Regent street and is refreshing to see.

 photo _MG_6920-2_zpseqt2cb5b.jpg

We’re still a little unsure of which end is the driving end.

 photo _MG_6919-2_zps040myo8t.jpg

On this side of normal, Christchurch also brought us one of the cleanest looking E-types we’ve ever seen.

 photo _MG_6943-2_zps7dhsezc7.jpg

Devoid of embellishments, this ’67 4.2 looked sinister with its blacked-out trim. Aesthetically everything was right.

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With its perfect stance upon Dunlop wheels, it cut a pretty mean figure on this scene of reconstruction.

 photo _MG_6939-2_zpsgzrevuux.jpg

Crazed duco and a tatty interior, this very original looking E-type was spotted in Queenstown. Love at first sight.

 photo _MG_7033-2_zps8fopoyn6.jpg

Old school cruiser in Auckland.

 photo _MG_7261_zpsiz982ngy.jpg

Waiheke Island, a short ferry ride from Auckland is one of New Zealand’s most popular wedding destinations. As such, it was no surprise to see this Silver Shadow carrying out its duties.

 photo _MG_7388_zpsktbu0wky.jpg

We couldn’t look past this XJ6 coupe, a model that in recent years has picked up in popularity and price.

 photo _MG_7389_zpsto475oyn.jpg

An rare XK 150 coupe also impressed us at Waikeke…as did the Wine.

 photo _MG_7391_zpsfxntyu5r.jpg

Classic beetle shape perfected in Picton.

 photo _MG_7222_zpsyt2tf5qw.jpg

This gorgeous early sixties Alfa Giulia was spotted at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre at the Omaka Air Field, not far from the centre of wine region of Blenheim.

 photo _MG_7217_zps5akrjbkw.jpg

With some road grime and patina present, this beauty looked to be in daily use.

 photo _MG_7218_zps6v1rdrnt.jpg

If you are ever in New Zealand, one road-side spot we recommend is Three Creeks Service Station, halfway between Christchurch and Queenstown.

 photo _MG_6949-2_zpsxv0snuba.jpg

Housed in a General Store, 1950s Service Station, Blacksmith Shop and Trading Store is a cool range of rusty and retro goodies.

 photo _MG_6951-2_zpso25bz9ay.jpg

As you can see its definitely worth taking a quick snap or two at this place.

 photo _MG_6950-2_zpswbchgaa0.jpg

This Ford coupe elegantly poses in front of the historic Luggate Hotel, just out of Wanaka.

 photo _MG_6996-2_zpse425opyz.jpg

’32 roadster cruising the streets of Wanaka.

 photo _MG_6993-2_zpsfuo5vfyr.jpg

Coincidently, in our travels across this picturesque country we crossed paths with the Pre 49 Street Rodders club for their Nationals Event in Omarama, in the Central Otago region.

 photo _MG_6987-2_zpsio8g6l0z.jpg

 photo _MG_6982-2_zpsgsgdvr5p.jpg

Their Easter base, the Heritage Gateway hotel was overtaken by tastefully customised rods.

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Sometimes hot rods can be overdone. Too much chrome or too many tacky add-ons. Its all subjective ofcourse, but all of the hot rods we saw in Omarama were brilliant in their execution.

 photo _MG_6983-2_zpsr1mymuti.jpg

This beautiful ’34 roadster looked resplendent in the Autumn light.

 photo _MG_6981-2_zpsrgugbz6b.jpg

The matte sage green on this ’34 coupe was the perfect colour choice complimented by the staggered black steelies.

 photo _MG_6979-2_zps82h8umyp.jpg

 photo _MG_6977-2_zps4l41bd3n.jpg

With awesome cars and a friendly bunch of enthusiasts, it looked a great club to be a part of.

 photo _MG_6975-2_zps8ans1ati.jpg

Without even trying, we discovered that New Zealand really does punch above its weight in car spotting.

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We hope you have enjoyed our coverage.

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Thanks for coming along for the ride in New Zealand.

Watch this space.


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