Historic Winton- If it ain’t broke…

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The old adage ‘If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it’ certainly applies to Historic Winton. It’s an event that keeps building and growing every year.

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But the core feel of this event has remained unchanged.

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The variety and balance of cars and events is spot on!

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There’s always some action somewhere on track.

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This is an event that doesn’t need any tinkering with…and long may it continue.

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For forty years, Historic Winton has been one of the premier historic events on the Australian Motorsport calendar.

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Brilliantly organised by the Austin Seven Club of Victoria and the Historic Motorcycle Racing Association of Victoria this year’s event continued to be just as successful as the first one, held way back in 1977.

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It’s the only event in the country which has historic cars and bikes running at the same meeting. Everyone’s mates here.

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We’ve previously covered this event, but we’ll need more than two hands to count the number of times we’ve made the trek up to Benalla in the last weekend in May.

 photo _MG_7530_zpscnpr8u0l.jpg

It’s a bit of a winter tradition.

 photo _MG_7653_zps56kh1rer.jpg

From all around the state and beyond, cars of interest made the pilgrimage to the High Country in north-eastern Victoria.

 photo _MG_7546_zpsosm9udvf.jpg

 photo _MG_7652_zpstzu0nflm.jpg

One of our favourites was this P1800 on tasty Minilites, the perfect classic GT car to chew through the Hume highway miles. These cars effortlessly ooze coolness.

 photo _MG_7548_zpsc0fshanz.jpg

Or if luggage was required you could bring this ES version. Introduced in 1972, only 8,077 examples of the ES were built in its two model years.

 photo _MG_7545_zpsybpvvngd.jpg

Sultry Jaguar’s on display.

 photo _MG_7419_zpsnxc8bbza.jpg

Parade laps of display cars were a great photo opportunity.

 photo _MG_7648_zpsud1z1hdx.jpg

Two huge fields of regularity events were featured over the course of the weekend. One of the highlights of which was the Meerkat V12 Racer, a hand-built car taking its design inspiration from the 1939 Mercedes W154 V12.

 photo _MG_7557_zpsfdje58qu.jpg

The fiercely contested Group N category is always an exciting spectacle.

 photo _MG_7622_zps3nklzmzy.jpg

Throw in Mini’s and Muscle cars…and its always going to be entertaining.

 photo _MG_7640_zpsqe7o8ngj.jpg

In more ways than one.

 photo _MG_7512_zpsjuikzgbc.jpg

 photo _MG_7521_zpsob2opzyz.jpg

The Charger of Les Walmsley and the Mustang of Darryl Hansen were neck and neck in most races.

 photo _MG_7627_zpses3x0dzp.jpg

Pleasing the Mopar fans, the Charger proved the victor in Sunday’s battle.

 photo _MG_7633_zpsreppykwc.jpg

We make no apologies for the abundance of Bugatti images; the fact is after 90 years they are still awesome machines. During the late twenties and into the thirties this marque was unbeatable. Bugatti had a five year sweep of the Targo Florio and in 1926 the Type 35 took out 12 major Grand Prix’s and the World Championship. Bugatti was influential in the early days of Australian Grand Prix, taken out four AGP events.

 photo _MG_7574_zps35hicwnu.jpg

Seven Bugatti’s were displayed on and off track over the weekend.

 photo _MG_7572_zpsnqlkitjp.jpg

One of our favourites was this cheery Type 37/35 B defying the French blue convention.

 photo _MG_7568_zpstthwkeyq.jpg

The unique body style of this 1958 Prad 5 Sports in the LbS category looks awesome in motion.

 photo _MG_7538_zpsvcaxt3zj.jpg

Group S also was a highly contested category with close action-packed racing.

 photo _MG_7609_zpsulimkuwz.jpg

With closely matched cars, there was close racing and exciting moments to be had.

 photo _MG_7481_zpso3ff743q.jpg

Porsche’s battled with Datsun’s, Triumph, MG’s, Lotus and Corvette’s.

 photo _MG_7595_zps6lrve2at.jpg

This 1975 911 Carrera lapping up the corners with ease.

 photo _MG_7495_zpsvjgdcswl.jpg

The wedgy-seventies angles of this 1972 De Tomaso Pantera always appeal. Designed by Italian firm Ghia, this Pantera features a 5.8 L Ford 351 Cleveland V8.

 photo _MG_7486_zps71syb64s.jpg

The sweet twin-cam engine note in this 1973 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 was evident as it passed.

 photo _MG_7485_zpsl0ctaghs.jpg

The rapid 1971 Corvette Stingray driven by Paul Blackie, always seems to be in incredible form and this weekend was no exception.

 photo _MG_7478_zpssfydqokh.jpg

The character-filled Monoskate Special was in a class of its own, well ahead of the pack in the Group J & K class.

 photo _MG_7575_zpsgvcj0k6r.jpg

Stuart Steinfort piloted this 1934 MG PA in Group K for cars with a capacity up to 1500cc.

 photo _MG_7462_zpsxjx6r4do.jpg

The impeccably presented British Racing Green Riley TT Sprite was making its track debut.

 photo _MG_7459_zpsxrl0ezip.jpg

Despite some promising times, unfortunately some mechanical trouble forced an early retirement.

 photo _MG_7440_zpsdlphqg3p.jpg

The workmanship under the bonnet is in a class of its own.

 photo _MG_7423_zpszbxtzbki.jpg

The Riley of Rees Mackay is a well-campaigned race car featuring a 6 cylinder engine.

 photo _MG_7445_zpsf1tpmn6g.jpg

Congratulations to all the organisers and volunteers who made the 40th Historic Winton an unforgettable event.

 photo _MG_7543_zpskyc2ybk8.jpg

So the 41st Historic Winton….bring it on. If it ain’t broke…

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Thanks so much for reading.

Watch this space…


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